Fix Computer Stuck On Windows Loading Screen

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Fix Computer Stuck On Windows Loading Screen

7 Easy Ways to Fix Windows Stuck On Loading Screen

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems are considered as one of the best for their user friendly
interface and other features. Even though with these they are prone to bugs and other issues. One of such issues in Windows computers is the windows stuck on loading screen

Many users have reported issues in booting windows, especially after the recent update. In this case, the computer will be starting in the normal process, some versions allows the users to type the password and gets freeze on welcome login screen. No matter how many hours you wait the loading circle with spinning dots keeps on rotating for an infinite long time. When this happens the computer will not respond to the mouse or keyboard actions. Therefore the user will not be able to pass the black/blue screen in order to access the desktop. 

In this situation many users force restart their computer using the power switch or by removing the plug. However this is not a long term solution and cause costly damages to the computer. Even though this issue can be repaired through the inbuilt windows tools such as the Recovery environment and Installation media, there are many other ways that is proved effective to solve the issue of windows stuck on startup

In this tutorial, I will be sharing the tips on the Fix Computer Stuck On Windows Loading Screen. These tips can be used in all the windows versions, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10

Let's move to the topic,

1. Perform Startup Repair

Startup Repair (also known as Automatic Repair) is a windows built in tool which can identify and repair most of the problems which can occur during startup. This tool is present in all the recent versions of the windows

Sometimes the files necessary for starting the windows may be corrupted or missing. The startup repair may identify these files, making the computer to boot in the normal process. 

To perform a Startup repair,

          1. Turn on your computer.
          2. In the windows sign in screen locate the power button.
          3. Hold the shift key and press the power button at the same time.
          4. Click on restart holding the shift key.
          5. Select Troubleshoot.
          6. Select Advanced Options.
          7. Select Startup repair.
          8. Enter your Email account details.
          9. Wait until the Startup repair finishes the repairing process.

2. Perform System Check

Windows system files contains program files that is needed for the functioning of the operating system. Overtime when you install new softwares, browse the internet, malware attacks may cause the program files to become corrupted. When this happens the operating system you are using becomes problematic. Therefore by using system check you can replace these corrupt program files to a fresh versions

To perform System check,

          1. Turn on your computer.
          2. In the windows sign in screen locate the power button.
          3. Hold the shift key and press the power button at the same time.
          4. Click on restart holding the shift key.
          5. Select Troubleshoot.
          6. Select Advanced Options.
          7. Select Command Prompt.
          8. Type any of the following commands and press enter.

                 chkdsk c:/f/r

          9. Wait until the scan completes.

3. Boot in Safe mode

Restarting the computer in Safe mode ensures that only the default applications and drivers work on the system. Other corrupted drivers and applications will be temporarily stopped. Sometimes recently installed applications, corrupted applications, malwares and temporary files may cause issues with booting. 

Restarting in safe mode provides a chance to the user to remove them. Therefore restart in safe mode and uninstall recently added applications, scan viruses, uninstall antivirus program, remove temporary files and disable credential manager service

To boot in Safe mode,

          1. Turn on your computer.
          2. Press F8 key in 1 second interval after heating the Beep  
          3. Select Safe mode in the Advanced Boot 

4. Disconnect the Internet Connection

The computers on default always try to connect to an internet connection. If the internet connection it tries to establish is unavailable/unresponsive it will also lead to windows stuck on loading screen. 

Therefore whatever the source of internet connection you are using, it can be a wireless wifi router, mobile hotspot, or a USB dongle disconnect them temporarily. In the case of a Wifi adapter sometimes using a ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection has proved to solve this issue.

5. Check Hardware Components

The hardware components you are using especially the RAM and the Hard drive may be faulty causing this problem. In fact many users have reported to solve this issue by replacing the RAM or the Hard drive. 

If you are unable to identify the faulty hardware component, replace them with any spare components to see if the issue persists. In the case of a computer with warranty remaining, do not open the case as it will cause the warranty to nullify.  

6. Remove Peripheral devices

Peripheral devices are the additional devices that are connected to the computer to ease the use. It can be a Keyboard, Mouse, USB Flash drive, Wifi adapters, Speakers or a Webcam. When one of those devices malfunction it may cause hindrances to the booting process. 

Therefore remove all the peripheral devices to see if the issue persists. If the computer starts in the normal process then one of those devices may be faulty.

7. Reset Windows

If neither of the above methods are working then the last option you may need to try is resetting the windows. Windows reinstall can be done through windows installation medias using a DVD or a USB flash drive. Resetting provides a fresh version of windows that is flawless. 

However all of the data present inside the drive will be deleted. Therefore before reinstalling windows make sure to backup your important datas using safe mode.

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