4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet | Limitations & Benefits of Wired Networks

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4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet | Limitations & Benefits of Wired Networks

4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet | Limitations & Benefits of Wired Networks Wifi vs Ethernet has been a trending topic for many years. Even though wireless technology comes with significant benefits, at certain times it will not be appropriate to use them. The option for this will be an Ethernet connection. 

What is Ethernet ?

Ethernet is a cable connection used most for the Local Area Networks (LANs) with the standard of IEEE 802.3. And also it is used behind Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Just like a Wireless connection it too faces some limitations. Therefore, in order for deciding whether it will be best for your business, you must know its advantages and disadvantages as well.

In this article, Let's look at the 4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet | Limitations & Benefits of Wired Networks. Finally from this article, you will know the pros and cons of using Ethernet.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Ethernet

1. Speed

Speed offered by an ethernet connection is much more greater compared to a wireless connection. Using ethernet you can easily achieve the speed of 10Gbps, especially with the latest twisted pairs. Some can go up to 100Gbps. The reason for this is the one to one connection present in them. For even more extended range there are fiber optic cables. These cables use light instead of standard way of passing informations.

2. Security 

Unlike Wifi where it is prone to attacks, an ethernet connection has higher levels of security. With an ethernet connection, you always have the control over who is using the network. Hackers will not be able to get your informations easily when using an ethernet. Hence, this can be used to prevent security breaches.

3. Reliability

Ethernet connections posses supreme reliability. This is because there are no interruptions from the radio frequencies. Therefore, ultimately there are less disconnections and slowdowns in ethernet. And also since the bandwidth is not shared between connected devices, there are no bandwidth shortages as well.

4. Efficiency

There are some ethernet cables such as Cat6 which consumes considerably lower mount of power. Even more lower than a Wifi connection. Therefore, these kinds of cables are considered to be most power efficient.

Disadvantages of Ethernet

1. Mobility

In terms of mobility, there are more physical limitations in ethernet. Unlike in a Wifi connection, you cannot roam freely when connected through ethernet. The device has to sit in one particular place. Therefore, these types of connections can only be convenient to devices such as desktops. For those who have mobile devices, ethernet connections will not be ideal for them.

2. Expandability

In case if you want to expand your network, then there will be additional expenses and it will be time consuming in ethernet. This is because you need more routers, switches and most importantly many meters of wires. Additionally all the devices need to be rewired.

3. Installation

Ethernet connections are generally harder to install without a professional's assistance. Especially the areas where they need to pass walls and multiple floors. These areas need to be drilled separately. And also different cables needs to be connected to various computers and switches. 

4. Connections

Unlike in a Wifi network where you can connect to multiple devices at a given time, you cannot make them in a Wired connection. Using a single ethernet connection you can only connect to one particular computer. If you need more connections, more cables has to be used.

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