5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Proxy Server | Limitations & Benefits of Proxy Server

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Proxy Server | Limitations & Benefits of Proxy Server

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Proxy Server | Limitations & Benefits of Proxy Server
What is Proxy ?

A Proxy is an intermediary between the clients and the server. For the people who are more conscious about their security will probably know about proxy. Through the proxy the client can access the information stored in various servers. It is used for various other purposes as well. 

Most often it is compared with the VPN since both Proxy and VPN has similar functionalities. Proxy servers especially the free ones has its own advantages and disadvantages. Identifying its benefits and drawbacks will help you to decide whether it will be best for your business. 

In this article, you will get the information on 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Proxy Server | Limitations & Benefits of Proxy Server. Finally from this post, you will know the pros and cons of using proxy.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Proxy

1. Anonymity

Proxy has been used primarily for masking the IP addresses. From this way any hacker trying to access your computer will not be able to do it so. While trying to access your computer, they will be logged into the proxy instead of the real IP address. Besides that the websites will not be able to track you since the original IP address is hidden. This way a proxy can provide anonymity to the user. 

2. Protection

While you are browsing the web, there are high chances you may end up visiting malicious websites. In case if you visit such as site, the malware will sneak onto your system causing irreversible damages. Likewise there are numerous untrustworthy websites setup by hackers. Accessing one of them will end up placing all of your personal informations at risk. When you are using a proxy server, your system will not make the request directly to those sites. Always the proxy end will be facing the threats imposed by such sites. This allows your system to maintain maximum protection.

3. Unblock Websites

Many website owners restrict contents to certain geographical areas, basically due to its copyright law. Any person living outside those regions will not be able to access those contents. Since the IP address is hidden using proxy you can access those geo-restricted sites regardless of your location. Additionally some ISPs and organizations too impose restrictions to certain websites. Proxy can be used to bypass these restrictions too.

4. Performance

Some of the proxies use cache data. Once a user visits a website, these proxies will store all the necessary informations through the cache data. Due to this, when a user visits a same page, the page will be displayed faster. However this can happen only if the proxy has the necessary cache data from the website. Otherwise, it needs to request it from the remote server. In this case you may fail to notice any page loading speeds.

5. Control Contents

Same as how a proxy can be used to unblock websites, it can be used to restrict access to specific sites. Organizations can use proxy to prevent its employees from logging onto certain websites, so that they can improve their overall productivity.

Disadvantages of Proxy

1. Tracking

The cache data the proxies use can remember all of the personal informations including that of passwords. This will not be a problem unless someone from outside gathers them. However the problem may comes from the side of proxy itself. There are chances where employees working under proxy misuses these informations. Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in a proxy from a legitimate service provider.

2. Security

Although proxies provide the benefits of anonymity, it lacks on the side of encryption. Most proxies use SSL certificates for encrypting the data. This isn't strong enough to prevent today's attacks. Especially from the attacks known as SSL stripping. Hence, when the SSL type encryptions are used, the data traveling through the server will be less secure.

3. Incompatibility

Proxy may not always be compatible with your local network. Both the proxy and the network has its own configurations. In this case if you need to use the proxy in your location network, you have to either configure them or go with a proxy that completely matches with the network you are using.

4. Cost

Setup and maintenance of a proxy server can be costly. Even though large organizations can easily cover up this expense it will be not for small businesses. Besides installation there are various other expenses involved here.

5. Configurations

The configurations of the proxies are pre programmed for one specific goal. Therefore, there must be some coding that must be done to fulfill one's requirement. But the configurations of a proxy can be quite difficult. It must be made perfectly in a way that no any ports are left open, so that no hackers can spy on your personal informations.

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