10 Signs of RAM Failure | Symptoms of RAM Failure

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10 Signs of RAM Failure | Symptoms of RAM Failure

10 Signs of RAM Failure | Symptoms of RAM Failure
Random Access Memory (RAM) is the virtual memory present on your computer. The main role of them is to store temporary data for your PC that can be erased off if the PC is not powered (All the permanent datas of the computer are stored on the hard disk drive or the solid state drive). Besides that RAM is responsible for making the programs run smoothly on your system.

Most of the RAM manufacturers offer lifetime warranty for their products since there are no any mechanical parts used here. Even though with this,a RAM can go bad on occasions. In fact comparing to other PC components, it has very less number of failures. Once the RAM encounters issues it can be seen through many signs. These signs can be referred for diagnosing the problem and preventing related issues in the future.

In this article, I will be mentioning about 10 Signs of RAM Failure | Symptoms of RAM Failure. At the end of this post, you will be able to know whether your RAM has a problem of becoming dead.

Let's get started,

1. Low Performance

A Faulty RAM can be identified from sudden decrease in performance. You PC may run fine when you startup the computer, but as soon as you start using it you may notice the performance gradually decreases. This is especially noticeable when using intensive applications such as Photoshop and Video games. However apart from faulty RAM this could as a result of leakage too. One way to test them is by restarting the PC. But this time make sure that there are no any intensive apps in action. If the issue still continues after restarting, then you have to consider replacing the RAM.

2. Frequent Crashes

Since there can be numerous reasons behind computer crashes, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. However if the crash happens to occur randomly and without any warnings it could be sign of a faulty RAM. Particularly these types of crashes can occur when using memory intensive applications.

3. Graphics Card Failure

Under normal circumstances when you turn on the PC, you may hear beep tones given by the computer. This indicates that all the hardware components are recognized and functioning properly. Literally if there are no any beep tones given, it could be sign of a RAM failure. Along with these the Graphics card may also fail to load during the boot process.

4. Corrupted Files

Corruption of file present on your system can be an indication of a failing RAM. Specifically the files you access and save frequently may get corrupted. It is one such problem which will get worsen day by day. Meaning you may start noticing more corruption of files each day. This usually happens when a faulty RAM changes the hard drive structure causing degeneration of old files. Whats more worst is, this can go to an extent that your PC no longer be ables to boot.

5. Incorrect RAM

One of the ways to find out a faulty RAM is through checking the basic informations. Particularly if the RAM encounters failure, the system will not recognize the amount of correct RAMs installed. Therefore, under the system menu always incorrect RAM informations will be displayed (something lower the actual amount). This problem can also be as a result of a faulty DIMM slots which provides the connection for the RAM and the computer.

6. System Freeze

RAM issues can also manifest in the form of system freezing. Your PC could freeze without any prior warnings. And even keyboard and mouse can become completely unresponsive. This could happen at any given time, no matter what application you are using. The only way to get over this is through restarting the PC. However this issue can also be as a result of a malware attack too. Hence, you have to scan your PC with an anti virus program and see if the problem still continues.

7. Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death errors are common when you have installed a new hardware or a software. But if the error seems to appear without any hardware installation, that could mean that the memory is facing some problems. Typically Blue Screen errors show up along with the blue background and white texts. These warning signs will be disappeared in few seconds making it unreadable. However the reason behind this has found to be resource heavy applications draining the system memory.

8. Random Restart

Random restarts has found to be another symptom of a faulty RAM. This can happen all of a sudden when you are performing a task or just when you are not literally doing anything. However this can be attributed to other hardware problems as well. Especially the hard drive. But if the reboot seems to occur immediately after the desktop initializes, it is a sign of a bad RAM.

9. Beep Noises

Listen for the beep tones when you turn on the PC. Unlike usual one single beep, if there are sequence of beeps heard that can be a sign of a failing RAM. However these beep codes vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you have to search the codes to find out whether they are related to the RAM.

10. Installation Failure

When the RAM faces issues, no longer you will be able to install new programs. The operations will be interrupted with an error code. Besides that if you try to reinstall the operating system, that could also end up with some odd error messages.


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