6 Advantages and Disadvantages of PAN | Limitations & Benefits of PAN

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of PAN | Limitations & Benefits of PAN

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of PAN | Limitations & Benefits of PAN
What is PAN ?

Personal Area Network (PAN) is a
type of network which connects
different devices such as smartphones, tab and PCs. They are capable of offering only short range communications (Probably of 10 meters range). Most of the peripherals such as Remote controllers, mouse, keyboard and bluetooth use PAN technology.

What are the types of PAN ?

PAN can be in the form of wired and wireless. Wireless form of Personal Area Network is known as WPAN. Since PAN is intended for personal use, it has numerous advantages to the user. Al though with these, PAN exhibits certain cons that are quiet expedient. 

In this article, let's look at the 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of PAN | Limitations & Benefits of PAN. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of using PAN network.

Let's get started,

Advantages of PAN

1. Wire Requirement

In PAN type of network, there is no need for extra wires. Therefore, users no need to worry about cable management and floor space. For establishing a connection between two devices there should be only bluetooth enabled. Thus, PAN is considered to be highly cost effective.

2. Device Connectivity

Using Personal Area Network you can connect many of the devices to one single device at the same time. For an example a single mobile phone can be used to connect many peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and printers or even another mobile so that files can be shared conveniently.

3. Reliability

PAN networks can be always ensured reliable and stable whenever the connection is established 10 meters range.

4. Security

PAN networks are considered to be safe and secure more than any other network since all the devices and data are authorized. Hence, it is almost impossible to hack or cause interference to devices here.

5. Synchronization

Data synchronization is made easy in Personal Area Network. Which means that data has the capability to get synchronized between different devices. For an example devices connected with PAN network can be used to exchange, download and upload data.

6. Portability

Since PAN is wireless, users can move devices wherever they want and exchange data as well. This paves the way for portability in the network.

Disadvantages of PAN

1. Area Coverage

Since PAN uses short range bluetooth communication it won't be working beyond 10 meters range. This can be especially disadvantageous when making long distance data sharing.

2. Signal Interference

PAN networks use infrared rays for its transmission. Therefore, it can interfere with other radio signals and experience data droppings. This can severely interrupt the communication between two devices.

3. Data Transfer Rate

Comparing to other types of networks, PAN has relatively slower rate of transmission. This is mainly due to the usage of bluetooth and infrared those are slower on their nature.

4. Health Issues

Since PAN network is wireless, harmful rays such as microwave signals are being released by them. These signals can severely impact humans as well as animals causing various health effects. Such issues can include brain damage and heart related problems.

5. Infrared Transmissions

Since Infrared signals are being used by PAN, it has limitations of travelling only in straight line. This can be noticeable when using TV remote. A TV remote will only be working if it is faced towards the Television, otherwise it will not.

6. Cost

Unlike other types of networks, PAN is used only by devices which are high on cost. Examples of such devices are laptops, smartphones and digital cameras. Hence, it counts another disadvantages of PAN.


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