5 Advantages and Disadvantages of IPSec | Limitations & Benefits of IPSec

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of IPSec | Limitations & Benefits of IPSec

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of IPSec | Limitations & Benefits of IPSec
What is IPSec ?

For every business today, data security is a major concern. The most sort out way to acquire data security is by enabling VPN. IPSec is one of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on the security layer. The security layer on the IPSec is embedded in the network itself so that all the traffic traveling through the network is protected. 

What is the use of IPSec ?

It basically encrypts and authenticates data packets in the internet. It is no doubt that IPSec offers significant advantages to the networking environment. However similar to other networking technologies, IPSec has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before deploying IPSec it is necessary to look t their advantages and disadvantages. 

In this article, I will be concentrating on 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of IPSec | Limitations & Benefits of IPSec. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using IPSec.
Let's gets started,

Advantages of IPSec

1. Network Security
Due to the fact that IPSec operates at the network level, it is completely invisible in its operations. Moreover the users are not required to interact with them, making them recommended for VPNs. In addition to that because the IPSec works at the network layer, all the traffic that passes through the network are monitored. That is the reason why IPSec based VPNs are recommended to clients who needs to protect inbound as well as outbound traffic. 
2. Application In-dependency
Since the IPSec VPNs are operated at the network level, there is no application dependency here. Whatever the application type used, IPSec does not depend on it. All the applications in IPSec are routed with IP making them compatible. The only thing that is required is the modification in the operating system.
3. Data Privacy
The privacy of the data is safeguarded in IPSec using public keys. Any data that is been exchanged between host and the network uses public keys to ensure safety. Additionally by ensuring safety of the keys, the users can make sure that the data comes from the right host not from any spoof sites. Therefore, whatever the content present inside the data packet is safeguarded from eavesdropping and other forms of spyings. 
4. Network Support
Due to the presence of IP Layer, IPSec can be implemented to any network from all the sizes. Irrespective of any network from LAN to WAN, they can be applied including the internet. 
5. Authentication
IPSec does authentication by means of placing digital signatures on each data packets. Any typre of interference from a third party is protected here. Thus, contents inside the packet header cannot be modified without detection. And also it does identity verification for 2 ends of a connection. 


Disadvantages of IPSec

1. CPU Overhead
All the data that is passing through the machine needs to be encrypted and decrypted constantly. Hence, IPSec requires high processing power form the CPU. This is specially disadvantageous if the size of the data packet is small. As IPSec generates large overheads, the performance of the network will be diminished.
2. Compatibility
Some software developers do not stick to the procedures of IPSec. As a result it can create compatibility issues with several softwares. Moreover, IPSec does not have any consistent standard for its own compatibility.
3. Algorithms
Security algorithms in IPSec are prone to crackings. If anyone happens to use those algorithms, their security is at greater level of risk. However latest algorithm models today are known to prevent these vulnerabilities.
4. Access Range
Since IPSec provides wide access range, it has higher chances of giving privileges to other devices in the network. For an example, if any of the PCs happens to encounter malwares all other computers in the corporate network are affected. Therefore, unless there are special security measurements, a IPSec based network is always vulnerable to cyber attacks.
5. Firewall Restrictions

Sometimes due to the restrictions imposed in the corporate firewall, users will not be able to access the internet. Even if is own company's network. Therefore, only by contacting the network administrator, the user can access the respective network.

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