5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Handheld Scanner | Drawbacks & Benefits of Handheld Scanner

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Handheld Scanner | Drawbacks & Benefits of Handheld Scanner

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Handheld Scanner | Drawbacks & Benefits of Handheld Scanner
What is Handheld Scanner ?

A handheld scanner is a scanner device that scans documents to convert into digital information. The device works using a laser beam that directly scans the paper and provides with the information. It works similar to a flatbed scanner. 

Where is Handheld Scanner used ?

Handheld scanners are most used for digital printing process while they are also used in corporates due to their convenience. Not only in offices, even in homes they are used by most families. Whether it can be home or business, a handheld scanner offers numerous benefits. Al though handheld scanners comes with many features, they are not without flaws. Using the pros and cons tips, you know what to expect from this scanner.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Handheld Scanner | Drawbacks & Benefits of Handheld Scanner. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using handheld scanner. 

Let's get started,

Advantages of Handheld Scanner

1. Speed

Most handheld scanners are equipped with advanced technology which makes the scanning process faster. Hence, the results are shown within shorter period of time. In this way, in offices the employees do not have to take longer time in scanning required papers. 

2. Storage Space

The storage space of a handheld scanner is fairly good enough. They are capable of handling hundreds of documents easily. Thus, the users do not need to be worried about memory space getting filled up. The device is capable of holding all the records until the user transfers it to a computer. 

3. Physical Size

Handheld scanners are small and light weighted. This makes them highly portable. Without the burden of carrying so much of bulky papers, you can use a single handheld scanner for tracking those informations. And also for supporting this portability feature, handheld scanners are equipped with long battery life. So there is no more battery drainage.

4. User Friendly

Handheld scanner features a comfortable design (A gun shaped model)  that fits safely in the hands of the user. Hence, the user only has to point the device onto the targeted document, so that the device will be scanning all the stored informations. 

5. Employee Training

Unlike other scanners which are more complicated to use, a handheld scanner typically takes less time for training. Only the user needs to learn how to direct the scanner onto a document for recording the informations. Therefore, it is rather easy to train employees who recently joined the company.

Disadvantages of Handheld Scanner

1. Cost

Budget is the primary concern when using a handheld scanner. Apart from large businesses, handheld scanners are quite expensive that makes them unaffordable to an average user.

2. Scan Quality

Since a handheld scanner is much smaller in size, their resolution too gets reduced up to certain extent. Compared to other types of document scanners, their scan quality is considerably less. Additionally, only a small portion of paper is scanned here.

3. Product Quality

Not all the handheld scanners are of good quality. There can be some low quality brands that may not last long. If you do not research properly, you could end up purchasing a low quality handheld scanner which can be of no use.

4. Range

Basically, handheld scanners will not work if it is not placed 0 distance above the scanner document. It has to be placed much closer than that. For such circumstances, there are other types of scanners that can work effectively.

5. Operations

Handheld scanner as the name suggest needs to be held by hand. This device completely relies on one hand for holding the device and the other hand for holding the paper. It can cause more difficulties if there are multiple documents to scan. Therefore, for such situations it will be better if it is not handheld.

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