6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Online Learning for Students

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Online Learning for Students

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Online Learning for Students
What is Online learning ?

Online learning is a form of learning program that occurs entirely on the internet. In includes quizzes, exams and certification trainings. It is an alternative to traditional learning. 

How did Online learning become popular ?

After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, many educational institutes all around the world started to implement online learning process. In fact many students started to prefer online learning which make their demand to get risen significantly. It is one of the greatest options for career oriented students who are busy with their work schedule. 

However, online learning aren't flawless. Most of the students are familiar only with the classroom learning. It is completely a new way of education that the students must adopt. Similar to other teaching methods, online learning too posses its own pros and cons. Understanding these points will help students to use this platform effectively and ensure better learning.

In this article, I will be mentioning about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Online Learning for Students. Through this post, students will know the pros and cons of using online learning.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Online Learning for Students

1. Cost Effective

Online learning offers tremendous amount of cost savings for the students. It is far more less expensive than conventional learning methods. There are numerous reasons which contribute to the above fact. Some of them are, there is no transportation, meals and rental costs. All the unnecessary costs are cut down helping out students with tight budgets.

2. Accessibility

Online learning does not involve any locational constraints. Students will be able to attend classes wherever they are situated in. Whether it can from the office or home premises, online learning does not cause any hindrances to the accessibility. Sometimes the online courses offered by the educational institutes could be from another country. This does not restrict students from following the course. 

In addition to that, all the study materials are readily available on the internet and can be accessed 24x7. Students can choose to share, record or archive so that they will be able to refer them in future.

3. Time Management

Some students are feeling difficulty in completing their higher education due to their busy life cycle. They can allocate very less amount of time for studies. Online learning makes it possible for such students to choose their own study time. It does not cause any time hindrance for their profession as well as other schedules. Additionally, students can save significant  amount of time they spend in travelling since there is no transportation in online learning.

4. Communication

Many people assume that a traditional classroom environment is the best place for the students to interact with others and express their doubts. But that is not true always. Some students are extremely shy in nature that makes them reluctant to ask questions in front of their classmates. For those students, there is an option of online learning. 

Online learning makes it possible for such students to discuss doubts regarding studies with other peer students and teachers around the globe. If a student feels uncomfortable with live online learning sessions, they have the option of disabling the camera or muting the microphone.

5. Efficiency

Every student differ at their learning aspect. For an example, some students prefer visual learning for a better understanding while others need video. Online learning offers various forms of learning methods that is convenient for each student. Currently there are videos, podcasts, PDFs and other variety of options the students will be able to choose. For these students, these types of learning is considered more efficient.

6. Availability

All the learning materials of online learning is readily available to the students since it is stored in the online database. Unlike in traditional learning where you have to wait for days to catch up a missed class, in online learning the learning materials are available anytime. Students can access their resources quickly, thus saving a lot of time.

Disadvantages of Online Learning for Students

1. Socialization

Socialization is an important part to a student's life. Traditional learning involves lots of face to face interactions which makes the student understand the subject better. Students will be able to interact with teachers and other fellow students. In the contrast, online learning completely lacks these kinds of interactions. Student who practice online learning most often feel a sense of isolation.

2. Self Motivation

Most students are hesitant in following a online learning course due to the lack of self motivation. There is no guidance from a teacher or instructors in here which makes the students left on their own. Therefore, students in online learning must push themselves for studies.

3. Experience

Online does not involve any practice based learning. It is completely based on theoretical components. Theories in essence means that it includes facts and reasonings. Theoretical knowledge will work for some extent until the work requires practical skills. But keep in mind that students never will be able to get the hands on experience here.

4. Distractions

If the students are following a online learning session from their home or other public locations, there is high tendency of distractions from the surroundings. They can be from their own family members or friends who comes online through chats. These kinds of distractions may possibly be a hindrance from achieving their goal.

5. Internet Access

Internet access is a must in online learning. Without online learning sessions cannot simply take place. There are still many parts of the world without a consistent network connection. With such problems students could experience difficulties in the learning process. One such is the inability to see and hear online videos.

6. Health Risks

Online learning completely depends upon the use of a computer or other smart devices. Prolonged usage of such devices may pose many health risks such as eye strain and bad posture. Therefore, students when following a online learning course must also need to follow good physical practices for avoiding any health hazards.

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