5 Advantages and Disadvantages of GUI | Drawbacks & Benefits of GUI

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of GUI | Drawbacks & Benefits of GUI

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What is Graphical User Interface ?

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a kind of interface where images are used to represent data. For an example, graphical representations like menus, icons, tabs, pointers and graphs are shown to a user in GUI so that they can conveniently select one of them. For the purpose of developing GUI, various programming languages are used. 

Where is Graphical User Interface used ?

Today, it is used in many of the electronic devices and mobile apps. Currently operating systems such as Windows, IOS, MacOS and Android all of them support GUI. Although GUI allows users to conveniently navigate software, it aren't flawless. Similar to other types of interfaces, a GUI too posses several advantages and disadvantages. In order for deciding whether to use this interface, it is worth knowing the pros and cons.

In this article, let's look at the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of GUI | Drawbacks & Benefits of GUI. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using graphical user interface.

Let's get started,

Advantages of GUI

1. User Friendly

GUI is a kind of interface that is much easier to use, even for a beginner. Since data is represented in the form of symbols, shapes and icons, users could easily classify and navigate options. For acquiring their functions the users only need to click them. In fact due to its user friendly nature, the GUI is the most preferred interface in computers and mobile devices.

2. Comprehension

Using symbols and other graphical representations of data means that it can be recognized faster than textual forms. Especially for a non-programmer, it is convenient since they don't have to know much about computing commands. They are free from the task of writing and debugging codes. Therefore, users can find GUI an interface that is much easier to learn.

3. Attractiveness

When it comes to attractiveness, a GUI interface is much appealing. Compared to command line interface, the GUI is more stylish and elegant in their design. From this kind of attractiveness, users would be more involving with their machine. And also, GUI allows users to monitor their device health status and other network interface in a flexible way than seeing the same in a text format.

4. Shortcut Keys

Usage of shortcut keys are one of the most prominent features of GUI. Shortcut keys are especially beneficial if there is a need to perform a task that takes couple of actions. Just a combination of two keys can be used to speed up the process. Thus, saving a lot of time.

5. Multitasking

GUI also makes it easier to manage multiple tasks. At one single time, users can work and view two or more programs. For an example, in the windows when a movie file is playing, at the same time it is possible to browse the internet from a web browser.

Disadvantages of GUI

1. Implementation

Implementing a graphical user interface is not an easy process as it seems while using it. The programmer should be well aware to design functions rightly so that the users could use this interface more conveniently. A single mistake that happens from the programmers side can make their efforts go in vain. All this can take lot of time and effort.

2. Cost

The design of graphical user interface makes it more more difficult and costly to develop. It cannot be created by ordinary people. Only skilled programmer will be able to develop such an interface. Moreover, a GUI needs to be connected with extra hardware which could even increase the overall expenses. 

3. Speed

A graphical user interface involves lots of moving parts. Hence, compared to command line interface a GUI is much slower. The tasks which we do faster in CLI cannot be done in GUI. Thus, still CLI is the best option to accomplish certain tasks.

4. Time Consumption

Even though a graphical user interface is easy to use, it is not the same when creating them. GUI contain lots of textual interpretations that takes quite a lot of time and energy to create. The programmer must create, tie and then assign the image with proper functions, all which are going to consume a lot of time. This is even more difficult if there large number of images each with different functions.

5. Memory Usage

Due to the usage of all graphical representations, a graphical user interface typically uses more power and computer memory than other types of interfaces. A graphical user interface is not optimized for resources. Therefore, it is going to consume significant amount of computer resources. This will not be a problem unless it is a powerful machine. If the systems with limited powers are used, it will greatly affect its performance.

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