5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Native App | Drawbacks & Benefits of Native App

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Native App | Drawbacks & Benefits of Native App

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Native App | Drawbacks & Benefits of Native App
What is Native Apps ?

Native apps are software applications that are used in a platform. The programming language of native apps are based on the platform. It is designed specifically for operating systems. So whatever the hardware and software that the O/S uses, will be used by native apps too. 

Where is Native Apps used ?

The native apps used in a mobile device has the authority to use features of phone such as GPS, Camera, Bluetooth and contact list. But it requires access from the user. It is an undeniable fact that native apps have become a part of our daily life. 

Although a native app is with many benefits, it aren't flawless. Similar to other application approaches, native apps are with own positives and negatives. These pros and cons needs to be analyzed carefully before deciding to use them.

In this article, I will be covering about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Native App | Drawbacks & Benefits of Native App. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using native app.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Native App

1. Speed

Native apps as the name mentions is designed specifically for platforms. As a result, they function using the device built-in features which makes them very fast. Even apps with high processor usage will work without hassle. This performance enhancement makes it recommended for games and applications.

2. Availability

Users can easily find native apps from App Store or Play Store. Even afterwards the apps can be download easily with just one click. And also, the apps are completed tested by the stores  before the approval.

3. Internet Requirement

Internet is not a must in native apps. They function in offline mode. Therefore, in cases where there is absolute no internet service, native apps can still function.

4. Image Quality

Native apps offer better image quality with their progressive resolution and orientation. It is determined using the aspect ratio. Aspect Ratio is nothing but the ratio between the width and height. Even for devices with different screen sizes, the Dots Per Inch (DPI) remains the same.

5. User Friendliness

A native app is directly linked to the device operating system. As a result, it is equipped with different functionalities such as camera, GPS, calendar and microphone. Native apps effectively uses these features to offer enhanced user experience.

Disadvantages of Native App

1. Cost

The overall cost involved in the development and maintenance of a native app is considerably higher. This is due to the fact that there should be separate versions of the same application. Even substantial amount is needed to maintain the app. But still, native apps are cost effective in the long run.

2. Development

Developing a native app is a difficult process since separate  developers are needed for each platform. For an example, different developers must be hired to develop  Android and IOS version of the same application. Moreover, it is not an easy task to develop native apps. It is incorporated with tough challenges. 

3. Time Consumption

Since native apps are developed for multiple platforms, it requires more time. Native apps may require significant amount of time for making compared to their counterparts. Developers of native app have to take time to write codes for specific O/S.

4. Updates

Developers often come up with new updates in native apps for various reasons. Most often for fixing bugs and glitches. Hence, necessary updates needs to be implemented in app store so that so that users will  be able to download them. Now the problem comes if the user isn't aware of such updates or skip them to save storage space.

5. Download Requirement

Prior to using a native app, it is a must to download it from either App store or Plays store. There are several process involved in downloading a native app. They must find the app, go though the terms & conditions and then go with the download process. Sometimes the download process can be lengthy  that the users wouldn't have patience.


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