6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Source Software | Drawbacks & Benefits of Closed Source Software

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Source Software | Drawbacks & Benefits of Closed Source Software

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What is Closed Source Software ?

Closed Source Software (also known as Proprietary software) is a kind of software application that doesn't allow source code to be modified. In simple terms, the publisher does not share the source code with the users. Unless there is special permission from the publisher, the users cannot change the source code. 

What is the example for Closed Source Software ?

The most obvious example of a closed source software is the operating system the computer uses. Although open source solutions are most preferred today, still there are situations where closed source software will be reliable option. These pros and cons will make you understand whether closed source software will be a better option for you.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Source Software | Drawbacks & Benefits of Closed Source Software. At the end of this post, you will know the pros and cons of using closed source software.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Closed Source Software

1. User Friendly

Closed source software is created targeting a large audience base. Hence, they are basically easy to use. Even a person without technical knowledge will be able to use a closed source software. Additionally, there are various support services and user manuals available to enhance user experience.

2. Security

Since closed source software is used in a controlled environment with a group of people, it is way ahead when it comes to security. Only the providers have the authority to alter the source code. As a result, there is less risk of hacking and other vulnerabilities.

3. Support

Always the closed source software providers make sure that there is some level of support provided for the software. Whenever there is a problem, users can troubleshoot immediately by contacting the provider. Or else, users are left with other options such as forums and articles. In most cases, the support will be given in one business day.

4. Testing

Always when using a closed source software, users are with the option to quit anytime, if they feel the software does not satisfy their needs. Some of the closed source software comes with the trial version so that the companies could identify whether the software provides the support the business needs. 

There are situations where a business expands significantly thus requiring advanced system. If the closed source software, the users can try other options.

5. Updates

Although an open source software is equipped with high flexible source code, still it faces difficulty in satisfying business needs. Too much of flexibility in the code can be a problem for companies. This is when closed source softwares are preferred. When an update is provided by a closed source software, the developer ensures that it is a reliable product.

6. Troubleshooting

It is common to experience problems while using a closed source software solution. When there is a problem with the source code, the users are not responsible for this. The responsibility lies on the provider. The provider needs to fix and cover up the cost that is inquired from the error.

Disadvantages of Closed Source Software

1. Cost

For gaining the benefits of a closed source software solution, the users must be willing to pay the price for it. Besides the initial cost, there is also licensing as well as support fee. And this cost might increase based on the complexity. 

However, all these cost expenses are effective in the long run. Moreover, most closed source software provider offer free trials to provide confidence that this software will be a right choice.

2. Adaptation

Unless there is permission from the developer, a user in closed source software cannot alter the source code. Even though this measure increases security, same can be a drawback. Businesses are unable to implement new ideas. Only by contacting the developer, the businesses can implement the changes. If the provider denies the request, the businesses cannot expect the desired results.

3. Upselling

Before purchasing a closed source software, it is mandatory for a user to provide his/her personal informations. Using these data, companies might contact you through phone calls or emails to upsell their products. While this can be beneficial for upgrading the product, same can be annoyance in between a busy work schedule.

4. Reliability

Even though fixing errors in a closed source software is in the hands of the developer, the users cannot expect solutions immediately. Once the user contacts the provider, they need to wait some time until the team rectifies the error. There are also instances where the team never fixes the error. Businesses under this situation will start to loose large sum of money.

5. Licensing

Closed source software posses a restriction on the number of users who can use the software. If the license only allows 10 users, only they will be able to use the software. If more people needs to get connected, additional licensing must be purchased. Now this is a problem because each license comes with a subscription fee either monthly or yearly.

6. Product Options

Even though there are variety of options available for a closed source software provider, only few of them develops codes that may be suitable for your needs. Therefore, businesses must be willing to accept products even if they doesn't fulfill expectations.


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