How to fix Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged

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How to fix Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged

How to fix Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged
Chrome OS is nothing but an operating system released by Google. Similar to other types of operating systems, in Chrome OS too it is common to encounter system issues. When this happens you will get a message like,

''Chrome OS is missing or damaged''

Please insert a recovery USB stick into one of the 4 ports in the back of the device

What generally means by this is that in the boot process, the system files are not been able to load. Eventually, there will be no any ways to successfully boot the operating system.  Chrome OS is missing or damaged is a common error experienced by the Chromebook users. Usually this error can be seen while loading the operating system. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to try out to make Chromebook back functioning.

In this article, we will look at how to fix Chrome OS is missing or damaged. So that you can effectively eradicate this error from your PC.

Let's get started,

1. Restart your computer

Similar to other types of devices restarting a computer can fix many problems. This includes Chrome OS is missing error as well. Since this error is related to the software, it can probably be solved with a simple reboot.    

For restarting the Chromebook,

  1. Press the power button for few seconds.
  2. Leave the computer for about 10-15 seconds.
  3. Turn on the computer again.       

2. Factory Reset

Another method to solve Chrome OS is missing is by factory resetting the computer. However this approach can be used only if you could boot into the computer. You should be careful before resetting since this method tends to delete data. Therefore,  it is advisable to backup important files.

For Factory resetting,

  1. Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R in the login screen.
  2. Press Restart when the message Reset this chrome appears. 
  3. Click on the power wash button when the login screen appears again.
  4. Press continue and follow the instructions.

3. Reinstall Chrome OS

If none of the above methods work, then the only option will be reinstalling Chrome OS. By reinstalling Chrome OS, a fresh operating system which is completely error free is installed. For reinstalling Chrome OS it is compulsory to have a computer with operating system pre-installed. In addition to that, it is required to have a USB flash drive not less than 4GB of storage space. 

For reinstalling Chrome OS,

  1. Open Google Chrome from a working computer.
  2. Search Recovery Utility Software from the web and download it.
  3. Start the program and provide the computer model.
  4. Transfer the data onto the recovery USB flash drive.
  5. Turn on the Chromebook and Press Esc+Refresh+Power button. This reboots into recovery mode.
  6. Insert the flash drive and begin the installation process.

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