7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Static IP Address | Drawbacks & Benefits of Static IP Address

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Static IP Address | Drawbacks & Benefits of Static IP Address

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Static IP Address | Drawbacks & Benefits of Static IP Address

What is Static IP Address ?

Static IP address is a kind of manually configured IP address which does not allow changes. Once a device is provided with a static IP address, it does not change unless there is changes in the network architecture. For an example, even if your device like smartphone and laptop tends to reboot, the IP address remains the same. 

How is Static IP Address configured ?

A Static IP address can be configured to all of the devices having a standard IP address. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) allocates static IP address. It can be both in the forms of IPv4 and IPv6. 

Although with all the benefits that static IP offers, it aren't flawless. Similar to a dynamic IP address, Static IP too has its own distinct pros and cons. These key points must be analyzed before choosing to use a Static IP address.

In this article, I will be listing out the 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Static IP Address | Drawbacks & Benefits of Static IP Address. At the end of this post, you will know the pros and cons of using Static IP address.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Static IP Address

1. Speed

Since Static IP addresses are with less contradictions, the devices assigned with a Static IP address tends to perform faster. Only if you are a broadband user, the speed difference is extremely noticeable. Not for the DSL connections. This is especially beneficial if you are constantly uploading and downloading files. 

2. Security

The security level offered by a Static IP address is always up to a greater extent. Static IP address is equipped with an additional layer of protection which makes sure that most of the security problems are prevented.

3. Accessibility

Remote access is made possible in Static IP address using programs like Virtual Private Network (VPN). Meaning that, devices can be accessed from any part of the world. As long as the device is connected to the internet, all the information are made accessible.

4. Hosting

Currently all type of hosting from web server, email server and other types of servers are accepted by Static IP address. Therefore, if you have a Static IP address all your customers and clients can easily access your website. And also, when using Static IP address the devices can easily locate and find all the servers worldwide.

5. Stability

All the Static IP address are known to be stable since they are restricted from changes. Unlike in a Dynamic IP address, it does nor undergo frequent lapses. Whenever there is a reboot, the computers will be able to reconnect quickly to the internet using the same IP address.

6. Accuracy

A Static IP address is highly accurate when it comes to geolocation data. All the geolocational services will be able to find the accurate business location. With these accurate information, it can be assured that the businesses are always in the frontline. This is beneficial for businesses in many ways.

7. Shared Resources

In some businesses, they commonly share office resources among their employees. For this they use a business network with devices of Static IP address. Having a device which is assigned with a Static IP address makes it easier to locate. In the contrary, devices with Dynamic IP address are known to be difficult to discover. 

Disadvantages of Static IP Address

1. Cost

Always the cost involved in a Static IP address is far greater than that of a Dynamic IP address. Especially, with the consumer ISP plans. Approximately, it costs more than 3 times to host Static IP address compared to a Dynamic IP. Hence, businesses those are willing to setup Static IP address needs to pay more.

2. Efficiency

Although a Static IP address is beneficial when used along with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it is not efficient all the time. Especially, it is an unnecessary cost when hosting a server. Even to be benefited from the long term profit margins, you need to sacrifice your valuable time.

3. Configuration

The configuration in Static IP address cannot be done automatically. It must be configured manually. Generally this is considered to be an easy task unless there are hundreds of devices. Each device needs to be configured manually which can be time consuming and costly process. 

4. Recovery

Since Static IP address are restricted to changes, it is more vulnerable to security threats. One such is the risk of hacking. Once there is a hacking incident, it is not an easy task to change the address. However through security features such as Firewall, you can minimize this risk to a greater extent.

5. Availability

Static IP address can only be assigned to one computer at a single time. This is because each computer needs to be assigned with unique IP address that cannot be used by others. This causes limitations in the available IP address. Thus, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) are in the burden of creating more IP standards.

6. Tracking

Through any means, a Static IP address does not change. As a result, with the use of internet it is much easier for anyone to track them. Even though, a dynamic IP address too can also be tracked, still it is difficult compared to a Static IP. If a visitor needs to view more contents or download files from a website, it will cause several problems.

7. Technical Errors

In Static IP address if a device is not properly configured, it may cause technical errors in the address. This is mainly due to the fact that Static IP addresses do not change. Even though, dynamic IP address too face similar kind of issues, it is still at a lower rate.


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