Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined

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Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined

Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined
An AC Adapter is a component which provides charge to your laptop battery. It is what makes mobility possible in laptops. However in recent times, many users reported to experience an error which arises from the AC adapter.  That is the, 

'' The AC power adapter type and wattage cannot be determined ''

It is quite common among Dell laptop users. Along with the error message you might also experience the signs of a slow computer. An important thing to notice is that by any means the battery is not the cause behind this error. In fact you use the laptop fine just with your battery source. Even though user is provided with the option to ignore this error, it is not recommended since your system could shutdown at any given time. It is best to find a way to troubleshoot this issue.

In this article, I will be mentioning about Fixing AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined. These solutions will make you boot again your computer safely. 

Let's get started,

1. Check AC Adapter

The initial solution for this error is to check if the AC adapter is working properly. One fine way to check if the AC adapter has got any damages is to use it on a similar computer. In most cases, the AC adapter cannot be repaired. The only option left is to replace it with a new one. Before replacing make sure that the new adapter purchased is with the same wattage, voltage and current as the old one. 

2. Check DC Port

The DC input port which the laptop uses to connect the charger can be damaged leading to this error. Under this condition, it is best to replace them rather than trying to repair it. Some motherboard manufacturers place their power board as a separate unit from the motherboard. Thus, the DC power jack can be easily removed. If it is soldered, you need to unsolder it with the help of a soldering iron.

3. Make Direct Connections

Sometimes the issue might not actually be with the AC adapter but with the surge protector the laptop uses. If there is any short circuits in the surge protector, your laptop may fail to recognize the AC adapter. In this case, you can make directs to the wall outlet instead of using a surge protector. 

4. Check BIOS

System BIOS can be used to determine the status of both the battery and the AC adapter. You can access the BIOS by pressing the F2 key immediately when the computer starts. The AC adapter and the battery will be listed in BIOS information only if it is being recognized. If the AC adapter is connected but fails to get detected by the system you should try contacting the manufacturer.

5. Update BIOS

In some instances updating the BIOS along has proved to solve the AC power adapter cannot be determined error. Since this error provides with the option to pass over, access the system and update the BIOS from the manufacturers website. If the battery charge is too low, then you need to force update the BIOS.

1 comment:

  1. Will preventing the BIOS warning stop it from throttling down, or just not show the warning.


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