How to Fix Could Not Initialize Graphics System

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How to Fix Could Not Initialize Graphics System

How to Fix Could Not Initialize Graphics System
'' Could not initialize graphics system '' is a warning message displayed when the graphics card
encounters a problem with the DirectDraw. It is commonly experienced when trying to launch video games such as Age of Empire. 

Usually the error is also accompanied with the message, '' Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirectDraw ''. DirectDraw is the API responsible for running the application on full screen and provide access to video memory. No matter what the problem is, it comes with appropriate solutions that intends to fix this issue immediately.

In this article, let's look at How to Fix Could Not Initialize Graphics System. These methods are applicable to most of the games that the error shows up.

Let's get started,

1. Install DirectX

DirectX is the Application Programming Interface (API) which manages multimedia tasks such as programming, video rending for graphics intensive applications including video games. Hence, it is recommended to install them. 

Now the version of DirectX differs from the type of operating system. The details about the DirectX version can be obtained from the DXDIAG menu. Check from that and install the DirectX version accordingly.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

Similar to other hardware components, the graphics driver enable communication between the video card and the operating system. Issues related to the graphics card normally indicate a problem with the graphics driver. Therefore, in this type of error you have to make sure that you are with the latest drivers. 

Now the graphics drivers can be updated through the device manager or from the website directly. Sometimes your system will have trouble updating drivers via the device manager For this, you have to visit the graphics card manufacturer website (Intel, Nvidia or AMD).

3. Switch Compatibility Mode

When the app you are trying to run is comparatively older than your operating system this error is experienced. For an example, an older program that has problem on Windows 10 will have no issue running on Windows XP. Switching the compatibility mode of this program allows them to work in any operating system effectively. It works by altering the system settings.

To switch compatibility mode,
  1. Right click on the application
  2. Select '' Properties ''
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab
  4. Choose the compatibility mode
  5. Press ''Apply '' and '' Ok ''

4. Change Display Resolution

Changing display resolution is another means to fix could not initialize graphics system error. Therefore, you need to change the screen resolution from the display settings. 

To change display resolution,
  1. Press '' Windows + I ''
  2. Select '' System ''
  3. Choose '' Display ''
  4. Change the display resolution from the dropdown menu
Once the screen resolution is changed, try running the game again to check if the error still appears. If it is, keep trying with different resolutions until the error goes away.

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