6 Ways to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available

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6 Ways to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available

6 Ways to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available
Computers with Windows operating system often run into a problem called,

'' There are currently no power options available ''

Unless the issue is resolved, you cannot access any of the power options. Or in other words, the computer won't display the power options. Once this error occurs users are left with no other option but to restart the PC, hibernate or put it into sleep mode. 

Most often this problem is as a result of faults in the power option or problematic windows updates. Fortunately, the issue is fixable despite all the complications. With little effort you can fix this issue in no time. 

In this article, you will learning about 6 Ways to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available. Remember that not all the methods will work for you. So keep following the below solutions in order until it resolves the issue.

Let's get started,

1. Enable Power Options

Sometimes misconfigurations in the shutdown system policy can actually trigger this error. If accidentally this option is enabled, you will be prevented from using power options. So as a result, you will not see any of the power options. 

Legacy group policy editor allows you to modify these settings.

To enable power options,
  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' gpedit.msc ''
  3. Go to User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Start Menu → Task bar
  4. Select Remove and prevent access to the Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate commands
  5. Choose Disable Option

2. Reset Power Plan

Next option for you to try is restoring the power plan. Similar to shutdown system policy, misconfigurations in the power plan can also lead to this error. 

Again the misconfigurations are going to be from the users end. Under this condition, restoring the power plan to its default settings should be a solution here. 

To reset power plan,

  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' cmd '' and Right click on it and select '' Run as Administrator '' 
  3. Type the command and Press Enter
              '' powercfg -restoredefaultschemes ''

3. Disable NoClose Key

Some versions of windows restrict access to Local group policy editor. Due to this you cannot disable hide power options. 

The only known option here is to disable the NoClose option using the registry editor. This instantly fixes no power options are available error.

To disable NoClose key,
  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' regedit ''
  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Policies → Explorer
  4. Select NoClose key
  5. Set the Value as 0
  6. Press Ok

4. Perform SFC Scan

File corruptions is another reason for there are no power options available error. The files on your PC can get corrupted for many reasons. 

For fixing the damaged files, the windows computer presents a handy tool (SFC scan). This is actually a command line tool. Meaning, it can only be performed using the command prompt. 

To perform SFC scan,

  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' cmd '' Right click on it and Select Run as Administrator
  3. Type the command and Press Enter
                           '' SFC/Scannow ''

5. Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows operating system comes with its own troubleshooter which troubleshoots various power related problems. This tool works automatically in fixing power options. 

Once the troubleshooter finishes rectifying, you can check if the power options issue still persists. 

To run windows troubleshooter,
  1. Press '' Windows + I ''
  2. Choose Update & Security 
  3. Select Troubleshoot
  4. Press Advanced Troubleshooters
  5. Find Power
  6. Press Run the troubleshooter

6. Perform System Restore

If everything else fails, its time for you to perform a system restore. System restore reverts your computer to a working condition where there was no such errors as there are currently no power options available. 

This does not cause any impact to the personal files. However, the method will only work if the error appeared after creating a restore point.

To perform system restore,
  1. Press '' Windows + R ''
  2. Type '' System Restore ''
  3. Go to the System Protection tab
  4. Click on System Restore
  5. Check the box '' Show more restore points ''
  6. Press Next
Now this process will begin the system restoration process.

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