5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework
Laravel is a type of open source framework with Model View Controller (MVC).The fact that it is open source makes many people contribute for its improvement. Overall, it ensures delivery of high quality applications. 

Laravel is definitely a tool designed to facilitate the development process. On default, it incorporates many features which makes development process much smooth and easier. So you can make sure you have reduced development time. With all the benefits, Laravel isn't the choice for everyone. Similar to other frameworks, Laravel has its own pros and cons. These things must be considered before you use it to build your web application. 

In this article, I will be addressing about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of using Laravel.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Laravel Framework

1. Security

Laravel makes use of many authentication and authorization methods to prevent any form of unauthorized access. So whatever the data Laravel utilizes is safe and secure. And for the password protection, Laravel encrypts it similar to WhatsApp. The passwords are never stored directly inside the database.

2. Documentation

All the versions of Laravel framework comes with comprehensive documentation. This document includes the information about methods of coding, styles and classes. These types of document makes Laravel a developer friendly framework.

3. PHP Compatibility

Latest versions of PHPs are natively supported by the Laravel framework. As a result, different features and updates of PHP can be included. Some of them are, namespaces, overloading and anonymous functions. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel developers are allowed to directly use them.

4. Code Reusability

Laravel features the ability to reuse code by following the approach of editing the package. For an example, you can edit the pages such that to add extra features. The edited packages can be reused many times to the application. This makes sure that you can easily customize the projects.

5. Community Support

Open source nature of Laravel contributed to its popularity. Many people started working for its improvement. These large community of developers are ready to help you solve problems that you encounter while using this tool. For this purpose, there are lots of community forums and dedicated websites.

Disadvantages of Laravel Framework

1. Learning Curve

Al though Laravel comes with a comprehensive documentation, it can be overwhelming for an average user. With lots of documents at first sight, the early stage of working with Laravel could become difficult. So users need to go through various training courses to master this framework. Moreover, the framework is built though the use of rules of object orientation. Therefore, before start using Laravel, you must be familiar with the concepts of MVC architecture and object orientation.

2. Framework Upgrades

Similar to other PHP frameworks, Laravel too experiences problems while upgrading versions. Certain updates are known to interrupt the functionality of Laravel. Probably, due to this there can be disruptions in the project. Thus, the developers need to pay attention before upgrading a website or application.

3. Technical Expertise

Laravel includes many automated features which might make the framework straightforward to use. But there are other complex features not everybody can understand. So there is always a lack of skilled Laravel developers in the market. 

4. Composer Strength

Composed is used in Laravel for the purpose of managing dependencies and installing them. Even though Laravel supports composer, the strength is not up to the level of expectation. Especially, when compared to other frameworks like npm, pip and Ruby gems. Most amateur developers find it difficult to deal with this framework. 

5. Payment Method

Laravel does not natively support a payment feature. Developers need to rely on framework libraries so as to include a payment method. Integrating payment methods like PayPal and Stripe may temporarily solve the issue. If the process is too cumbersome, you can choose to use another framework with third party payment processor. 


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