5 Advantages and Disadvantages of TypeScript | Drawbacks & Benefits of TypeScript

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of TypeScript | Drawbacks & Benefits of TypeScript

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of TypeScript | Drawbacks & Benefits of TypeScript
Over many years, JavaScript has been dominating as the most powerful programming language. But their code structure and maintenance makes it setback. This is when TypeScript came into existence. It is an open source programming language which is used for enterprise level application development. 

TypeScript is a variant of JavaScript. Any code that runs on JavaScript will function on TypeScript as well. It was mainly targeted for large web applications. Object Oriented Principles like classesinterface and inheritance are supported by the TypeScript language. Al though TypeScript is more dependable compared to JavaScript, it aren't flawless. Conversely, there are also reasons why you should not use TypeScript. 

This article, illustrates about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of TypeScript | Drawbacks & Benefits of TypeScript. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of TypeScript.

Let's get started,

Advantages of TypeScript

1. Self Expressiveness

Self expressiveness is an important aspect of a code. The developers need to show the intent of a code. Even if a distributed team involves in a project, they must understand the effectiveness of the code. Such a readability in TypeScript, compensates the communication issues that arises between project members.

2. IDE Support

IDE of TypeScript comes with features like autocomplete and code navigation. This is due to the fact that it is included with type information. This is much needed to maintain the codebase which is of large size. And also, it makes it easy to identify mistakes with the help of editor. If there is a typo, the editor immediately alerts the developer.

3. Documentation

Every code in TypeScript is self documented. Especially, for the APIs. So you can ensure that the value is specified to a type which makes it easily readable. 

4. Cross Platform Compatibility

All platforms and devices that works well with JavaScript will also work with TypeScript. Since TypeScript is an alternative of JavaScript. However, the JavaScript code needs to converted into Vanilla JS. Moreover, TypeScript allows you to convert part or whole code depending on the requirement. The conversion takes place with the help of a compiler called TypeScript compiler (TSC).

5. Troubleshooting Errors

Most common bugs are detected at the compile stage of the development. Unlike in JavaScript, where it is performed at the run time stage. Therefore, we can ensure that bugs are identified before the compilation of the program. Since the regular bugs are already detected, the quality assurance tam can spend these time on resolving other logic errors. Their overall work is reduced.

Disadvantages of TypeScript

1. Technical Expertise

Due to the fact that JavaScript is more popular than TypeScript, developers show less interest in TypeScript. Thus, finding experienced TypeScript developers is not an easy process. Moreover, it takes more time to learn TypeScript.

2. Initial Setup

As mentioned earlier, TypeScript is based on JavaScript. Because it is not independent, the initial setup is a difficult process. i.e. the code will not work if the modules are not installed.

3. Readability

Even though the code base of JavaScript and TypeScript is very similar, the readability differs to a greater extent. In TypeScript usually there are more lines of code. And while in the process of naming a declared type, there are chances for the type to malfunction. 

4. Type Conversion Issue

TypeScript is far behind developing languages like Java, C++ or C# when it comes to typing statically. Even though the code is transpiled initially, eventually in the long run it will be converted into untyped JavaScript.

5. Excessive Coding

TypeScript is able to achieve much higher code readability through its syntactic sugar and type annotations. However, the development process gets slower as you add more lines of codes. Furthermore, additional annotations means larger documents. Even with all these added features, the TypeScript will not last long. Subsequently, after transpilation it will be converted into JavaScript back again.


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