5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming | Limitations & Benefits of Event Driven Programming

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming | Limitations & Benefits of Event Driven Programming

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming | Limitations & Benefits of Event Driven Programming
Event Driven Programming (EDP) is a programming approach where a software is developed on the basis of events. Events can be anything from a user interaction. Examples are clicking mouse buttons, typing text from the keyboard, using microphone etc... Sometimes it can also be program generated. 

When the software detects events, a callback function is given as a response. This is achieved with the help of a main loop which is constantly on the run. Most programming languages today support event driven programming. Specifically, visual basic is such a language designed to handle event driven approach. Python and Java are also suitable for this purpose. Nearly, all modern softwares are developed using the event driven programming approach. All their functionalities are based on user events. 

In event driven programming, there is no pre-determined actions from the computer. Instead, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided with multiple options. Event Driven Programming makes sure that a user is constantly engaged with the program. That is the reason why many businesses prefer this concept. And also, the end users are benefited with better interface along with a quality product. 

If you choose to work with event driven programming, there are several ways to make it more effective. However, it aren't flawless. Exploring the pros and cons of event driven programming can help you determine if its the right approach for your business. 

In this article, I will be covering about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming | Limitations & Benefits of Event Driven Programming. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of event driven programming.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Event Driven Programming

1. Simplicity

When compared to other types of programming languages, event driven programming is more easier to use. Once there is a business requirement, the development of the program is hassle free.

2. Convenience

Predictive coding is another feature of event driven programming. With the help of languages like visual basic, predictive coding is made possible. When the developer is typing the code, the relevant suggestions are given. 

3. Flexibility

In event driven programming, there is no specific order from start to finish. This order can make it easy to carry out the code. In addition to that, this is a type of code that can be altered when necessary. If there is a requirement or errors in coding, the code is flexible to be changed.

4. GUI Support

A pre-programmed toolbar in the form of Graphical User Interface (GUI) is available in event driven programming. From this toolbar it is able to create more interactive programs. For an example, tools such as radio buttons are already included.

5. Power Consumption

Implementation of event driven programming is from hardware interrupts. As a result, there is considerably less power consumption.

Disadvantages of Event Driven Programming

1. Speed

As event driven programming is based on GUIs. the programs overall execute reduced performance. Especially, if the installed memory is insufficient. 

2. Complexity

Event driven programming is too complex for simple programs. The flow of the program and stack management is all what makes EDP more complex. If it is a small program, it is worth considering other options like batch programming.

3. Resource Utilization

Event driven programming uses main loop which is well known to drain system resources. Because, the main loop is constantly functioning in the background. Moreover, due to the usage of GUI, EDP cannot provide an interface unless the required specifications are met.

4. Language Translation

Once a program is written using the EDP language, you cannot translate it to a different language. Because some functionalities like button are programmed to work only with event driven programming.

5. Platform Support

Generally, event driven programming is platform dependent. When a particular program uses EDP, it cannot function on other platforms. For an example, the program visual basic works using windows library files. If the program is moved to a different OS, these files cannot be found.


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