6 Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp | Drawbacks & Benefits of WhatsApp

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp | Drawbacks & Benefits of WhatsApp

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp | Drawbacks & Benefits of WhatsApp
WhatsApp is an online based messaging platform which uses phone number for connectivity. Today, it
is almost impossible to find smartphones without WhatsApp. Apart from smartphones, versions of WhatsApp is also available for computers and tablets. 

Currently, major operating systems like Windows, Android and iOS support WhatsApp. People prefer WhatsApp over other messaging services due to its ease of use and advanced features. Despite many advantages, the platform also comes with certain disadvantages. If you intend to install this application over other chat apps, the following pros and cons will help you decide.

In this article, I will be addressing about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp | Drawbacks & Benefits of WhatsApp. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of WhatsApp.

Let's get started,

Advantages of WhatsApp

1. Free of Charge

Unlike other messaging services where there is a cost for sending SMS or MMS, WhatsApp is entirely free of charge. WhatsApp allows you to send messages and multimedia files to local and international users without any charges (As long as thee is an internet connection). Moreover, there is no cost involved to download it from the virtual store. Both iOS and Android does not require any fee for downloading WhatsApp.

2. Privacy

Whatever the data stored or communication that takes place is secured through end to end encryption. The encrypted conversation is only visible to the sender and recipient telephone numbers. Others are restricted from viewing. Thus, the privacy of users are protected.

3. Video & Voice Call Feature

When introduced, WhatsApp is only a messaging platform. Video and voice calling is newly incorporated feature in WhatsApp. There is no limit in using this feature : the calls can be made in unlimited numbers. And also, the video calling feature of WhatsApp is very efficient compared to other traditional calling apps like Skype. Especially, in terms of data consumption.

4. Information Sharing

The primary use of WhatsApp is information sharing. Currently, resources such as images, videos, documents can be shared from this platform. Furthermore, many countries depend on WhatsApp as a news medium.

5. Location Tracking

Another distinctive feature of WhatsApp is the location sharing. Even though this feature is already present in other applications, it is not prominent like WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to share live location. Therefore, even when you are travelling the recepient is notified about the location time to time. 

6. Lack of Advertisements

WhatsApp does not come with a policy of advertisement. Instead, it relies on subscription for its revenue. Since there is no advertising content, the platform loads much faster.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

1. Addiction

Similar to other social media platforms, WhatsApp is very addictive. WhatsApp addiction can kill the actual social interaction. Since WhatsApp is a free messaging service, people could eventually waste time chatting. All these wasted time should have been spent on productive things. 

2. Distraction

Besides addiction, WhatsApp can also cause frequent distraction. Often students face distractions with WhatsApp while studying. Active groups on WhatsApp could bombard with notifications constantly. Despite keeping the phone on silent, some people are with the frequent habit of checking WhatsApp. Though there is no messages or status updates.

3. Inappropriate Content

WhatsApp is known to be a platform that does not sensor contents. Thus, the platform has the tendency to show inappropriate contents to the users. This is one possible reasons for harassments. Especially, for the children without the consent of their parents.

4. Spreading of False Information

Similarly, WhatsApp can also be used to share unverified contents. Even to an extent of creating alarming situations. Due to its popularity, WhatsApp is a targeted tool for spreading false information among people. Mainly, for the political availment. There are many instances of people involving in riots just by failing to verify the information they received through WhatsApp.

5. Financial Deception

Due to its simplicity of sending messages, anyone can use this platform for own financial gains. Those who are a long standing user of WhatsApp might have experienced the scams in the form of text messages. WhatsApp cryptocurrency scam is one such fraud that got highlighted in the recent times. All these scams are targeted to rip off money from your bank account. 

6. Storage Consumption

WhatsApp requires significant amount of storage to deal with videos, images and audio files. The conversations also consume considerable space from your phone's memory. If the storage is not cleated regularly, it could result in lagging of your device. WhatsApp itself comes with an option to view the space occupied by the media files.


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