5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google
Search engines are more advanced version of public libraries. One significant benefit of search engine is that all information are readily available at our fingertips. In other words, information retrieval process has been revolutionized. 

Google is one such well known search engine used by people all over the world. Google search engine alone accounts to more than 70% of worldwide searches. Which is massive compared to other rivalries such as Yahoo and Bing. One popular reason why many people prefer Google is due to its user-friendly interface and functions. 

With such popularity, Google is not something without flaws. Digital marketing industry, particularly online content publishers must be well aware of the pros and cons of this search engine so as to become successful in this industry. 

In this article, I will be analyzing about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google. From this post, you will know the pros and cons of Google.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Google

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is what distinguishes Google from other search engines. Google releases updates frequently which aims on improving its algorithms. Some of these updates are Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin. So for almost all of the search terms, the users can expect the best possible results. 

And also, Google takes note of user behavior in order to further enhance its accuracy. If a particular webpage, receives more click than the other, it will upraise in the search rankings.


2. Academic Research

Google search engine is not just based on websites. For academic researches, there is a separate search engine called Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a web search engine which provides access to scholarly literature. This includes academic journals, patents, dissertations and thesis. Basically, it is a more reliable source of information compared to conventional google search. 

3. Free Books

If the search is specified to eBooks category, that functionality is also present in the books tab. The books category in google search is equipped with all currently available eBooks versions. Mostly these eBooks are allowed to be previewed. However, some of the pages are intentionally kept blank.

4. Filtering Options

Advanced filtering options are available to streamline the process of searching and get most specified results. In desktop versions, this feature can be seen in the tools option. The tools feature allows users to search according to a language, particular time period and the results type. For an example, users will be able to choose their own language to filter results only in that particular language. 

However, the richest experience of Google can only be seen in English language since half of the content is only accessible in English.

5. Direct Results

Google introduced a new functionality called Featured Snippets which further increases the user experience. For some of the basic queries, the answers are given right at the search result pages. Without clicking on a web link, users are directly provided with the results from the top web pages.

Disadvantages of Google

1. Reduced CTR

Some features of Google is not always favorable to bloggers. Certain functionalities like featured snippets are known to reduce CTR of webpages to a greater extent. Visitors who already got the answers from the featured snippets never tend to visit the site to read more. As a result, the click through rate of webpages is greatly affected. 

2. Site Penalization

Google is always concerned about providing best possible search results to its users. In the process, it regularly releases updates with some changes in its algorithms. Unfortunately, these updates are likely to penalize sites which does not follow Google guidelines. One such instance is when practicing black hat SEO techniques. 

High number of blog owners are affected by each of these updates. When this happens, the site may lose part of its traffic or in worst cases the webpages can be completely taken down from Google.

3. Privacy Concerns

Revenue of Google is mostly based on advertising. Data collection is an important aspect Google rely on. Whatever the data you provide to a website, is at the same time collected by Google. Apart from advertising, these data are used by Google to improve its algorithm. Therefore, the privacy is not preserved. 

4. Image & Video Searches

Google image and video searches are not very effective as compared to its traditional article searches. Especially, the video searches are not well optimized. For instant, the results are similar to that of a normal search. Image searches are too lacking in some ways. Google fails to present quality image results.

5. Reward System

Rivalry search engine like Bing provides regular rewards to its users as a compliment for using their service. Bing uses this strategy as a way to encourage more users. However, this kind of reward system is missing in Google. Since the popularity of Google is already higher, they don't depend on any tactics to increase its user base. But from the people's side, this is still a disadvantage.


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