5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security | Drawbacks & Benefits of Cyber Security

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security | Drawbacks & Benefits of Cyber Security

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security | Drawbacks & Benefits of Cyber Security
Every data we provide to the internet is at a risk. Due to its value, data have always been a primary target for hackers. Common threats include, phishing, man-in-the-middle and password attacks. 

Effective protection from threats is possible with the help of advanced technologies like Machine learning and AI. Cyber security is nothing but measures implemented to protect organizations or individuals from cyber attacks. In todays, internet era, it is almost impossible for businesses to endure without the use of cyber security strategies. 

Cyber security has the capability to protect against various kinds of threats. It is no doubt that cyber security plays a crucial role in an organizations development. Despite its uncompromising security measures, there are some issues associated with cyber security. Still some companies are hesitant to adopt cyber security strategies. Before implementing a cyber security system, you must weigh the pros and cons.

This article illustrates on 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security | Drawbacks & Benefits of Cyber Security. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of cyber security.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Cyber Security

1. Data Security

Protecting private data is a major concern for many individual users. Usage of electronic devices comes with a greater risk of data breaches, since they collect sensitive information. With the use of those devices, it becomes tough to remain confidential. Thanks to advanced cyber security measures like firewalls and web servers. With those protective strategies, it is almost certain that data privacy is conserved.

2. Safeguards Business

Apart from individual users, cyber security measures are also highly effective in safeguarding businesses. Organizations are subjected to various forms of online threats that tends to weaken their business reputation. Attacks like those in business will force difficulties in retaining the trust from the customers. Cyber security is one way to possibly prevent all forms of threats and risks allowing to strengthen the overall security.

3. Prevents Cyber Attack

Cyber security strategies prevents cyber attacks in first place. Organizations with internet access must deal with malwares like viruses, trojans and worms. Besides that, sophisticated attacks like Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and Phishing are also common. Again cyber security plays a major role in preventing these attacks. When cyber security measures are deployed organizations can ensure that their workplace remains secure from these attacks.

4. Enhances Productivity

Any form of attack will disrupt the daily operations of an organization. Without proper recovery plan, businesses will experience severe productivity loss. Deploying conventional security measures isn't effective in protecting against such desperate attacks. Cyber security measures are designed to alert organizations in prior to such devastating situations. Meanwhile, also providing suggestions on what are the actions that must be taken. Therefore, this in turn helps businesses to continue functioning even in times of a disruption.

5. Remote Work Assistance

Cyber security protects IoT, Wifi and other personal devices involving in remote work environment. Since the advent of Covid-19, it has become more common for companies to adopt remote work environments. 

The devices and networks used by the employees to access remote working models are at a greater risk of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals often target these devices to breach sensitive data with the intention of exploiting these information for their own personal gains. The losses inquired by the data breaches are immense, even that can result in permanent shutdown of a company. Cyber security works as a secure method to prevent data breaches from taking place eventually securing remote work environment.

Disadvantages of Cyber Security

1. Cost

Not all the companies will be able to afford cyber security. Cyber security solutions like sandboxing, firewall and cloud security and anti-virus comes with a price tag. Perhaps, many small business find cyber security to be too expensive. Moreover, the expenses doesn't end there, it also requires regular maintenance. However, still businesses invest in cyber security considering the consequences of cyber threat. 

2. Technical Expertise

cyber security is a complicated subject that cannot be mastered by everybody. For an average employee, it requires substantial time and effort to fully understand. Therefore, companies need to hire cyber security experts which is again problematic. Professionals in cyber security are scarce. Even those with the sufficient skill demand massive remuneration.

3. Human Error

Similar to other areas, human errors aren't inevitable in cyber security too. Human errors can be in the form of simple mistakes from the employee side. For an example, one of the employee may open a scam email unknowingly and click on a malicious link. Or other common mistakes like using a weak password for authentication. Consequently, employee blunders drive entire network at a risk. 

4. Constant Monitoring

Businesses find it difficult to deal with cyber threats. Cyber attackers often come up with new form of attacks for which businesses need to evolve. As a result, the security team must also monitor the network frequently and deploy new security measures. This will make sure that the network is secure. Without constant monitoring, firms cannot develop solutions quickly to counter the threat. 

5. Resource Consumption

Cyber security applications consume tremendous amount of system resources. The result of this is the sluggish and slow system. Even a simple task like network scanning can take considerably long time to process. Eventually, the burden of a slow system will create productivity loss among employees.

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