5 Warning Signs Of Laptop Overheating | Laptop Overheating Symptoms

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5 Warning Signs Of Laptop Overheating | Laptop Overheating Symptoms

5 Warning Signs Of Laptop Overheating | Laptop Overheating Symptoms

Even though Laptop manufacturers try their best to manufacture laptops that can avoid heat the most.
In general all the laptops out there are vulnerable to heat. This is because their cooling system is less efficient compared to other computers and has a greater tendency to damage internal components

Therefore whenever you purchase a new laptop it is essential to consider the cooling system in it and the maximum temperature on which the hardware components can withstand. But even with the best cooling system laptops are capable to get overheated during immense tasks such as gaming and watching 4k videos. When the temperature inside the system increases the risk to damage internal components also increases. Therefore if you are giving more stress to your system you are causing serious damages to the internal components.

Just like a sick person showing high body temperature along with other symptoms, a laptop that is experiencing overheating issues will show many signs and symptoms. It is highly advisable to take immediate precautions to avoid serious damages. If no any precautions are taken the laptop has a greater tendency to cause fire hazards. Signs of burn odor and smoke indicates that it is too late for any precautions. 

In this article, I will be illustrating the 5 Warning Signs Of Laptop Overheating | Laptop Overheating Symptoms. At the end of the article you will know know the 5 signs and symptoms that warns your laptop has an overheating issue. 

Let's get started,

1. Fans Working Harder

A Cooling fan is a device attached to the CPU that makes sure that the laptop stays cooler. Sensors present inside the processor controls the fan according to the temperature. If the internal temperature inside the laptop is high, the sensors tells the fan to spin faster and louder

Most notably if you are doing intense tasks such as Playing video games and streaming 4k videos that makes excessive heat to be built up inside the laptop. When this happens the laptop have to do a harder job of eliminating this excess heat. This will result in a fan that is always running at maximum speed and produce loud noises

2. Hot to touch

While it is normal for a laptop to get hot during operation, if your laptop constantly gets too hot an constantly eliminates hot air out of the air vents then it is an obvious sign of an overheating laptop. 
Due to any reasons if the heat gets built up inside the laptop, it has no any means to escape from the system. The excessive heat gets accumulated inside the system until the cooling fan removes them. This causes certain areas of the laptop especially the bottom of the laptop to get extremely hot.

3. Frequent Shutdown

Another possible sign of a overheating laptop is the frequent shutdown. Many computers have a system to automatically shutdown if there are any problems identified to the internal components. Most notable is when the Central Processing Unit (CPU) gets overheated the system will shutdown suddenly without giving any chance to save the work. Therefore the user has to bear data losses due to this. 

In rare cases in between a frequent shutdown the computer might be displaying an error message as '' Thermal Shutdown Occurred '' . This error message means that the temperature of the CPU has reached the critical level that the computer is shutting down on its own to avoid any permanent damages. 

4. Lines Across the Screen

If your laptop contains a dedicated video card, lines across the screen is a general sign that your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is overheating. The GPU you are using might be highly advanced that the system you are using cannot handle it. 

While it normal for a GPU to get heated while playing high end games, it is not normal for a GPU to get overheated when there is a normal operation. Lines across the screen all the time mentions that there is an overheating problem experienced by the GPU.

5. Slowdown in Performance

Final sign of laptop overheating in this list is slowdown in performance. The clock speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is one of the factors that influence the speed of the computer. By any means if excessive heat gets accumulated inside the laptop, the CPU will be automatically reducing its clock speed to overcome this situation. 

This will not only lead to slowdown in performance it will also the make the system to freeze and crash. When this happens simple tasks such as opening and closing a browser can take considerably long period

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