8 Essential Criteria for Selecting Antivirus Software

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8 Essential Criteria for Selecting Antivirus Software

8 Essential Criteria for Choosing Antivirus Software

An Antivirus is a software designed to keep our system safe from viruses. It is an important feature
that should be included in all the computers. A computer without an antivirus protection is vulnerable to viruses and other threats.

There are many malwares out there you never heard of that can target any operating system and cause potential damages to your computer. No matter how careful you are these malware threats will somehow find a way to sneak into your PC. After the release of Windows 10 many people claim that to be the best operating system released up to date. Due to its immense popularity it has been prone to malware attacks. To overcome this developers made changes to their security system through a free antivirus software known as Windows Defender. While this program is capable to identify and block minor types of threats it still slows down the computer more than other third party antivirus softwares. 

Therefore it is essential for every computer user to choose an antivirus program according to their needs. There are many antivirus programs that can differ from prices, offers and security levels, For an example need for a virus protection differs greatly between a personal gamer and a public bank

In this article, I will be listing out the 8 Essential Criteria for Selecting Antivirus Software. Based on the 8 criteria given here, you will be able to know how to buy an essential antivirus software.

Let's get to the topic,

1. Free Vs Paid Antivirus

The major difference between a free and a paid antivirus program is the attached price. A free antivirus program does not need any kind of payment for the usage. But for using a paid antivirus program the user has to choose to pay for a subscription fee either annually or monthly. Many free antivirus protections are either low quality or the virus itself. They generally cause harm to your computer rather than giving any kind of protection. 

There are many reasons for a user to consider for a paid antivirus program. While the virus detection and removal level almost remains the same in both kinds, a paid anti virus program has less ads compared to free anti virus program and has wide range of protection against threats. 

2. Protection Level

Gone are those day where people used to think that the protection against the viruses are enough to be safe. In the past few decades there have been many threats identified throughout the internet. Therefore nowadays having a virus protection that only protects your computer from virus attacks are not sufficient. 

A quality antivirus program should also provide Firewall, VPN, Cyber crime, Spam filter and Parental control features. More the types of protection better the software. 

3. Performance Impact

Antivirus programs can be categorized into 2 based on the resources they use, those are the lightweight and heavyweight antivirus programs. In general all the security programs need lot of resources in order for them to function. 

Unless you have a high end pc, using a heavyweight antivirus programs on a low end pc can make them to consume large amount of resources. This will significantly impact the overall performance of your computer. When this happens even a simple scan can take considerably long period. 

Therefore always choose an antivirus program according to your computer specs. If you posses a low end system try to select a lightweight antivirus program to avoid any performance impacts.

4. Malware Protection Rate

Anti-malware softwares can generally provide protections against viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware and ransomware. But the level of detection varies from anti-malware softwares from softwares. To determine the extent of malware detection, developers use a term called Malware Protection Rate

It is advisable to pick a antivirus software which has more than 95% malware detection rate. This will ensure that your system is protected against most types of threats. More the malware protection rate better the software.

5. Multi device  Protection

If you are a user who uses more than one device and needs protection for both the devices, then consider purchasing a antivirus program with Multi device protection. Not all antivirus softwares comes with multi device protection, for using them on different devices the user has to buy separate license

Instead of this, a user can try an antivirus software that covers all types of computers, smartphone and tablets. They are usually compatible with all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS. But in order for a user to use a antivirus protection with multi device protection, he/she has to pay a subscription fee annually or monthly.

6. Other Applications Compatibility

Make sure that the antivirus software you choose to purchase is compatible with other application on your computer. Once the antivirus program is installed, it will gain access to all the datas and informations available on your system. Some antivirus softwares may not be compatible with the pre-installed applications on your computer. This will make them hard to carry out their operations.

7. User Experience

All the computer users are not professional users who are fluent in technology. There are many antivirus softwares with complicated settings and too complex to use. In order for a user to use these programs they should posses special skills. 

Therefore a reputable antivirus program should be compatible with the operating system installed. And also it should be easier to install, use, navigate and understand. By this way a user can get good experience through usage.

8. Customer Support

People who invest in antivirus program are usually new. There can be many doubts and problems during usage. In order for them to solve this antivirus programs should provide a customer support. Some antivirus provides 24/7 customer support through email, live chat and call. Getting a help from an expert can fix issues related to the usage easily without a cost. 

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