15 Common Blue Screen Errors and Solutions

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15 Common Blue Screen Errors and Solutions

15 Common Blue Screen Errors and Solutions

Blue Screen Error (also referred as the stop error) is a serious problem faced due to the issues in the
operating system. If you are a Microsoft Windows user for sure at least once in your lifetime you would have experienced the blue screen of death. If no any proper actions are taken it could greatly affect the lifespan of your computer. 

According to the version of the windows the look of blue screen error keeps on changing. Many at times the computer may restart during the blue screen error, due to this the information appears on the screen becomes unreadable and therefore troubleshooting becomes difficult. However the blue screen error has become less common in the recent version of the windows as the operating systems have evolved to deal with it. 

Every BSOD error comes with a Stop code which helps you to identify the issue. Perhaps the easiest way to solve this is by identifying the stop code. Stop code can appear in the form of a hexadecimal numbers. Proper research on this code may help you to fix this blue screen errors without a cost.

In this article, we will look at the 15 common blue screen errors and solutions. The list given here are compiled taking the most common blue screen errors that are experienced by the users.

let's get started,

1. Registry_ Error Stop Code (0x00000051)

System registry contains the basic settings of hardwares and programs. Therefore the database of installed programs are present in them. When you uninstall applications, sudden power failure and malware attacks may leave registry entries in them. This makes the other registry files unreadable. 

Along with the blue screen error the system may also freeze and crash due to this. Removing the uninstalled files completely using a removal tool has proved effective against the Registry_ Error 0x00000051.

2. NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Stop Code (0x00000024)

NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM 0x00000024x is caused when the NTFS files become corrupted or missing. NTFS files are one of the important files present in the windows. When there are bad sectors present in the hard drive the can go missing. 

When this happens the blue screen error will be displaying only in a short time period making this error difficult to identify. In this case, check your hard drive for any kind of malfunction or do a diagnostic check.

3. NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE Stop Code (0x00000080)

NMI means Non Maskable Interrupt. As in the name NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE 0x00000080 is a type of blue screen error caused due to the interruption in the hardware or the outdated drivers. This can also happen when the NMI switch present on your computer has been mistakenly pressed. 

To get rid of this error, check the hardware for any malfunctions and remove all of the peripheral devices. And also make sure that windows has been updated with latest security patches.

4. DATA_BUS_ERROR Stop Code (0x0000002E)

DATA_BUS_ERROR Stop Code 0x0000002E is one of the blue screen errors caused due to the issues in the system memory. This can be defective ram or a malfunctioning graphics card

Remove extra rams from the slot and see whether the error pursuits. And also if your system has a dedicated graphics card, restart your computer without it.

5. DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR Stop Code (0000007F)

DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR 0000007F occurs when an application on your computer tries to divide itself by zero. This is an illegal task where the windows will not be able to access the required files and settings. As a result the normal operation of the operating system is obstructed casing blue screen error. To fix this find the application causing this problem and reinstall it.

6. INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP Stop Code (0x00000004)

INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP 0x00000004 is a problem in the kernal that affects all of the windows versions. When you install new application or the hardware device drivers may have not installed properly. As a result bugs may be present inside the drivers causing this issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling or updating the device drivers has proved to solve this issue.

7. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Stop Code (0x0000007B)

INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE 0x0000007B is a startup blue screen error which appears when the windows has lost access to the system partitions.  This basically means that the boot device present on your computer is damaged. Therefore users will not be able to access the desktop. Many users have reported experiencing this issue after upgrading the windows. 

To fix this check the hard drive for damages. If you have any external hard drives connected, remove them and restart your computer normally.


UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME 0x000000ED occurs when the window has a problem in booting. Unlike other blue screen errors it denies access to the windows completely. 

Boot volume is the part of the hard drive where the windows is stored. When the system files present in them gets corrupted it may show up the blue screen error. To sort out this issue perform a system check (chkdsk) or a system file check (SFC) scan.

9. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop Code (0x0000000A)

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000A occurs when your system is overlaoded than usual. This can especially happen when you are doing intense task such as gaming. When too many applications are trying to gain access to the RAM memory, it could experience crashes. And also corruption in the system files are known for causing this issue. 

To prevent this remove the RAM and clean its legs with a piece of cloth. And try performing a system restore to repair the corrupted files.

10. KERNAL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR Stop Code (0x00000077)

KERNAL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR 0x00000077 occurs as a result of the virtual memory corruption. In this case usually your system may dump off the physical memory. The primary causes of this issue are the incompatible RAM and the virus infections. To resolve this try replacing the RAM and scan your computer for viruses.


Unlike other Blue screen errors INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPT 0x00000005 does not occur frequently, it shows up very rare. Faults in the synaptics touchpad driver has found to be the cause of this error. Many at times this error is automatically repaired when you restart the computer. 

If you want to get rid of this completely uninstall and reinstall the synaptics touchpad driver. After uninstalling the touchpad might stop functioning, use a mouse for that purpose.

12. PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Stop Code (0x00000050)

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA 0x00000050 happens when the system was unable to find the required data from the RAM memory. It is one such error that is difficult to troubleshoot. Usual causes of this error are the active anti virus program or the internet protection. Try disabling them temporarily to sort out this issue.

13. MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION Stop Code (0x0000009C)

MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION 0x0000009C is a blue screen error which occurs due to the errors in the processor. Unlike other blue screen errors resolving it can be difficult. For the purpose of getting the maximum performance users overclock their CPU. When the processor is stressed too much it generates excessive heat which causes errors in the processor. Apart from that poorly configured cooling system can also make the CPU to overheat. 

To resolve this check whether the CPU fan is working properly and no dusts are accumulated in them. And also make sure that the cooling fan present on the power supply is functioning properly.

14. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Stop Code (0x0000001E)

Errors in the device driver has found to be the cause of  KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x0000001E. It is one such blue screen error where it can appear again and again even though you restart the computer. To fix this update all the device drivers to the latest versions.

15. PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Stop Code (0x0000004E)

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT 0x0000004E occurs when the PFN list present on the storage device gets corrupted. Page Frame Number (PFN) list is a database used by the hard drive to determine the location of the files. This list can get corrupted due to a faulty RAM or a malfunctioning hard drive

Replace the RAM and the hard drive to get rid of this error. And also if your system uses more than 1 anti virus program, try uninstalling one of them. 

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