7 Common Causes Of Blue Screen Windows Error | BSOD Reasons

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7 Common Causes Of Blue Screen Windows Error | BSOD Reasons

7 Common Reasons for Blue Screen Error | BSOD Causes

Blue Screen Of Death (also called as the Stop Error) is a critical problem that prevents the Operating
system from functioning normal. Due to the fact that Blue screen error is caused due to the system crash it is also known as fatal system error, kernel error and bug check

It is one such issue which has been there from the beginning of the windows. However in this situation it is not safe to use the computer. Commonly users are experiencing this BSOD error after upgrading to windows 10. Blue screen error can appear all of a sudden with the text,

'' Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart '' or

'' A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer ''

Whatever the message is the error will not give a chance to read about it as it will appear in less than 1 second. Along with these there is a stop code which indicates the root cause of this error. But it will not be providing much information about the problem. In this case usually the windows may try to create a memory / crash dump for storing the information. Most at times, Windows may try to recover itself from this issue, if it cannot the only thing it could do is restarting the machine. At this time the user has to face data losses as there will be no time to save up his works. 

In this article, we will look onto the 7 Common Causes Of Blue Screen Windows Error | BSOD Reasons. Reasons given here can be applied to any of the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating systems.

Let's move to then topic,

1. Faulty Hardware

All the internal components of the computer has a lifespan. When it reaches its time it may fail completely. It can be the RAM, Motherboard, Hard drive or the Graphics card. One of these devices may be on its death bed causing the blue screen error. Check for any kind of malfunctions in the hardware or simply do a diagnostic check

There are other possibilities where the hardware components may have not seated properly onto their ports. Check the respective ports of the hardware components.

2. Incompatible Applications

Not all programs you install in the computer is compatible with the operating system. Some of them can lead to errors. One of the recent applications you installed on your computer may be incompatible causing blue screen error. 

On the other hand, there are chances that the application may be corrupted. Thus when you are trying to launch the application it may crash and lead to this error. 

3. Corrupt System Files

System files are the files necessary for the normal functioning of the operating system. Overtime due to the user actions these files can go missing or corrupted. When this happens the system may function abnormal . One of those signs is showing up the blue screen error.

4. Corrupt Drivers

Every hardware component in your computer has their own set of drivers. Whenever you install a new hardware your computer automatically downloads the required drivers. These drivers tell the operating system on how to handle the hardware. Errors can also happen to driver coding which ultimately leads to issues including the blue screen of death.

5. Malware Attacks

Apart from Malwares causing your system to slowdown and reduce the performance, they can actually make the system to crash. Without a proper anti malware program, malwares can easily sneak into your pc. When they took over your computer there can be many problems including the BSOD. 

Some malwares are capable of displaying bogus blue screen error to tricks users for downloading additional threats.

6. Corrupt BIOS

BIOS not only provides hardware initialization to the system, it contains the settings of clock speed, memory speed and many others which decides the performance of the computer. For the purpose of overclocking users alter these settings. Doing this without a proper knowledge can lead to BIOS corruption. When the BIOS gets corrupted then obviously the outcome is the blue screen error.

7. Overheating System

Whatever the work you do with the computer generates heat. Especially by the processor and the graphics card. This excessive heat should be removed by the fans through the vents. If one of those fans gets malfunction or the vents get clogged it prevents the heat from releasing out. This can make the system to automatically shutdown along with BSOD.

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