Top 12 Features Of Windows 10

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Top 12 Features Of Windows 10

Top 12 Features Of Windows 10

After the announcement of Windows 10 on 29th of July 2015, it completely changed the perspective of windows. No wonder that Microsoft Windows takes the lead in OS market.

Most of the flaws that happened on previous versions has been avoided in windows 10. Due to their user friendly interface and reliability it has become one of the best platforms for individuals and business users. Not only in PC, Windows 10 is also available in smartphones and tablets. Many laptops and PCs comes with windows 10 preinstalled. Apart from that Microsoft frequently releases updates twice a year to show new features. As a result many new features are included in windows 10 that users don't even realize its presence.

In this article, I will be listing out the Top 12 features of Windows 10. At last you will know the best features in the latest windows OS.

Let's move to the topic,

1. New Start Menu

After the omission of Start menu completely in windows 8, microsoft decided to return it back in windows 10. However start menu option can be only seen in windows 10 fresh versions. Apps can be seen as Live tiles that can be unpin instantly. Apart from that power button and search bar has been included. And also start menu can be expanded to full screen making it more convenient for the user.

2. Cortana Interaction

Cortana is the voice interaction with the PC without the use of hands. Just like Google now and Siri it also responds to typed commands. Basic tasks such as opening folders, applications, musics, movies and powerpoint presentation can be simply done through the voice commands. Therefore multitasking is made much easier. Another major advantage in cortana is the separation of it and the search bar. 

3. Continuum

Continuum helps users to switch between 2 modes for the same device. For an example if your laptop has touch screen functionality it may switch to tablet mode when your laptop does not use a keyboard. At the same time when your computer uses a keyboard, it may switch to desktop mode. Ultimately it is made seamless for the user to use the touchscreen device. This continuum feature can be switched on using the Action center.

4. Xbox App

For those whoa are Xbox fans, he/she will be able to steam Xbox games through the Xbox app. Apart from that users can join other friends who are playing Xbox games via windows 10 and Xbox consoles. And also you can see the achievement and the activities of your friends who are using Xbox live.

5. Microsoft Edge Browser 

Microsoft edge is the latest browser in windows 10 which was replaced by the existing Internet Explorer. To make it compete with rival browsers such as the chrome and the firefox, Microsoft has made improvement in speed and added a new function called Read mode. Read mode assists the users in reading between 2 devices. Continuum feature is also present within the browser to assist users in searching.

6. Game Bar

Another excitement news for gamers is the Game bar feature in windows 10. Using game bar you can take screenshots of games and videos of any applications. Game bar can be opened by pressing Windows + G key. 

7. Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is another version of Virtual Machine (VM) introduced for testing unknown applications and websites.It basically creates a temporary environment for examining untrustworthy applications. After testing Sandbox will be deleted and fresh sandbox will be reopened. Therefore users no need to be worried about the cyber attacks anymore.

8. Graphics Card Management

If you got a gaming pc or a laptop, windows 10 comes with a feature that allows users to select graphics cards for specific applications. For games and applications that don't need much graphics, you can use the integrated VGA. On the other hand, for the graphics intense games you can use the dedicated graphics card. Perhaps users no more need to use the Nvidia or the AMD control panel for the GPU management.

9. Timeline View

Timeline view (also known as the task view) shows a thumbnail list of all the files, folders, application and websites that has been accessed for the past 1 month. Therefore it helps you to identify all the recent activities in windows. Timeline view can be opened using the Windows + Tab key.

10. Light Theme

Alternative to the default theme, there are visually impressive light themes present in windows 10. Light background color can give a clean and tidy look to the desktop. But the user should manually enable light theme in order to use its features.

11. Kaomoji Panel 

May 2019 update has released a new set of characters called Kaomoji. These can be sent through the chat in windows 10 but only 1 emoji at a time. Kaomoji characters can be accessed by pressing Windows + . (Period) key.

12. Universal Apps

Microsoft has introduced a new feature known as the Universal Apps. Using Universal apps, users can manage their own set of videos, music, photos and many others. The information stored inside them are synced to the Microsoft cloud service '' OneDrive ''. Therefore whenever the user wants to access this information from another device, he/she can use the OneDrive.

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