5 Easy Ways to Fix Black Screen Of Death

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5 Easy Ways to Fix Black Screen Of Death

5 Easy Ways to Fix Black Screen Of Death

Black Screen Of Death (BKSOD) is an alternative problem to the Blue Screen Of Death. Same like a
blue screen error it is also a Stop error. But unlike a blue screen error it is difficult to resolve since no error messages are shown. 

The only thing the user could see is a black screen with a mouse pointer. Apart from that there is nothing appears on the screen. Sometimes even the cursor won't be displaying. Other than that the machine may turn on and the monitor may light up on the normal process. Not only in PCs it can happen to smartphones and tablets too. But in the case of a computer it is commonly experienced when upgrading windows. It is one of the critical issues faced by the windows users as there is a possibility of data losses. Since the users are clueless about the problem users are on their own for resolving this.

In this article, I will be taking you through the 5 easy ways to fix black screen of death. At the end of this guide, you will know how to fix black screen of death that can appear in any of the windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 computers.

Let's move to the topic,

1. Check the Connections

For the monitor to display the output it needs relevant signals from the video card. If the Video card connections are not properly established it may lead to the black screen of death issue. Therefore check all the cables are firmly seated. Especially the VGA, HDMI and the Display port. And also check the video card for any kind of damages.

2. Cool down the System

All the works you do with the system puts the load on the CPU. Too much of stress on the system causes excessive heat to be released by the CPU. Due to this the CPU may stop functioning along with a black screen error. To prevent this turn off the computer and let it cool down. If possible invest in a laptop cooler.

3. Wake up the Display

Normally after a short period of inactivity the monitor may go to the Sleep mode. Simply the monitor may turn out black while the CPU may continue to function. This can be misunderstood by the user as a black screen error. If you encounter one of those check whether the light on the keyboard is lit up. If so force wake up the display by pressing Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys.

4. Boot in to Safe mode

There are instances where the black screen error may prevent the users from accessing the desktop. Issues with the hardware performance and many others cannot be fixed without making into the desktop. Therefore the only way to overcome this is by booting into safe mode. Safe mode ensures that only the basic programs needed for the computer to function launches.

5. Replace the Graphics Card

More than the other computer components, the Graphics card functions extremely hard and releases tremendous amount of heat. Especially during heavy tasks such as gaming. Due to this the graphics card may stop functioning making no display to be given to the monitor. Therefore check whether your graphics card is defective. If you find any of malfunctions stop using and immediately replace it. If it looks fine, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from the device manager. 

Other than the defective graphics card, the drivers of it may be outdated causing this issue. Consider updating the graphics card drivers to the latest versions.

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