4 Ways to Fix Computer Clock Showing Wrong Time

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4 Ways to Fix Computer Clock Showing Wrong Time

4 Ways to Fix Computer Clock Showing Wrong TimeWindows time is wrong or clock falls behind is a issue faced most in windows 7 and windows 10 operating systems. Even though you try to set the correct time, it will be showing the incorrect one once you restart the PC. Windows clock is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. When you click on them you could normally see the clock along with the calendar. 

Time shown on the clock is set either manually or by synchronizing automatically with the internet clock. It has the tendency to go wrong mostly due to hardware errors. When this happens certain webpages may fail to load. Therefore the user has to take immediate measures to make it right. 

In this article, I will be illustrating the 4 ways to fix computer clock showing wrong time. At last you will know how to fix your PC that is displaying incorrect time.

Let's move to the topic,

1. Replace the CMOS Battery

CMOS battery presented in the motherboard stores all the BIOS values including date and time. Therefore it is responsible to date and time even when the computer is turned off. Same as how a watch works. 

However CMOS battery can go bad and drained mostly due to the ageing of the computer. This will be indicated in the system as the clock may start to function slower. In this case the option is to replace the CMOS battery which can be done quite easily. 

2. Change the Time zone

Time Zone helps windows to synchronize system time with the internet time server. When wrong time is selected the clock on your computer will be showing wrong time indications. This can be seen as the time runs exactly 1 hour more than the current exact time. Therefore the time zone has to be changed to correct this. 

To change the Time zone,

         1. Press the Start Menu
         2. Open Settings
         3. Select Time and Language
         4. Choose Date and Time
         5. Select the Time zone according to your location

3. Check Windows Time

To display the accurate time Windows uses NTP. Network Time Protocol (NTP) communicates with the other computer servers on the internet to display the accurate time. 

Improperly configured synchronization settings may be one of the reasons for the incorrect time. When this happens the computer may be showing only a minor difference in minutes or seconds. Therefore you must check the Windows time to make sure that the clock functions properly. 

To fix Windows Time,

         1. Press Windows + R key
         2. type '' services.msc ''
         3. Select Windows time
         4. Right click on Windows time
         5. Select Properties
         6. Ensure that the Startup type is automatic
         7. Ensure that the Service status is stopped
         8. Press Start again
         9. Apply and Ok

4. Change Internet Time Server

Windows can automatically synchronize its settings by connecting to the time servers on the internet. In fact it is the normal recommended way of providing the accurate time. Sometimes due to the problems in the network, Windows can loose its connection to the time servers. Because of this the clock may be displaying the inaccurate time. 

Therefore you have yo manually sync your computer with the internet time servers to display the accurate time. 

To change the Internet Time Server,

         1. Go to the Search Bar
         2. type '' Control Panel ''
         3. Select Clock and Region
         4. Choose Date and Time
         5. Head to the Internet Time tab
         6. Press change settings
         7. Ensure that the synchronize with an 
             internet time server is selected
         8. Choose time.nist.gov in the server 
         9. Press Update now and Ok


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