4 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

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4 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

4 Simple Ways to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

Those who have more than one device knows the importance of transferring files. Whether it can be a
photo / pictures / images, videos, music / songs, documents or contacts. Managing them on a PC is way more easier than when it is on an iPhone. In the same way, data cannot be carried everywhere like when it is on a smartphone. Therefore transferring files between them is essential at least once in your lifetime. 

Unlike Android devices, iPhone has many limitations for it to be connected to a PC. Perhaps transferring files from an iPhone is a bit complicated procedure. But iPhones are not completely incompatible with the PC. There are still many ways where you could easily copy the files from an IOS device. When we say iPhone data transfer the popular way that comes to everyones mind is Apple's iTune service. Apart from using iTunes there are still plenty of ways for transferring the files. 

In this article, I will be sharing you the 4 simple ways to transfer files from iPhone to PC. At the end of this guide, you will know how to send / share / move data from an iPhone to your computer.

Let's move to the topic,

1. Via USB Cable

For the purpose of charging a USB cable is included free with every iPhone. Using this USB cable you can also connect your IOS device to the PC. Download iTunes to the PC and connect the iPhone through the USB cable. This ensures that both the devices are sync together so that iTunes will be opened each time when you connect the iPhone to your computer. 

If you don't have iTunes installed on your computer, you can directly connect the iPhone through the USB cable and access the contents from the windows explorer. The iPhone device will be listed under '' This PC '' in windows.

2. Via Wifi

Wifi can not only be used for data, it can also be used for file transfer. In fact it is a high speed wireless way of transferring files. If both your PC and the iPhone supports the Wifi facility you could consider transferring the files through Wifi. However Wifi directly cannot be used for this purpose. You have to rely on third party applications like EaseUS Mobimover, iAmazing and Shareit. Apple has their exclusive application called Airdrop that allows to transfer files between iPhone and Mac computers. 

And also Wifi network can be used to sync PC and the iPhone through iTunes. But still you need a USB cable for this purpose.

3. Via iCloud Service

Apple's cloud service iCloud provides you 5 GB of free storage space. For more storage space you have to purchase from the provide. iCloud is an exclusive service for both IOS and Mac devices but it is also available for Windows 10 and other operating systems. Therefore the information present in the iCloud service can be viewed from IOS and Windows devices. So you can upload the required iPhone files to the iCloud so that it can be accessed through the PC. 

In the vise versa the files from the computer can be also be saved on the iCloud. Whatever the way the informations will be presented in the cloud drive folder.

4. Via Email

Whether it can be Windows, IOS or Android devices, Emails can be used on them for transferring files without any complexity. The way to do this is by simply sending yourself an email  with the relevant file attached. 

However there are certain limitations. Email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail only allows files up to 25MB to be attached. Files larger than that cannot be sent. Therefore Emails are only ideal for sending small files like Music, Presentations, Documents and PDF files.


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