5 Simple Ways to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error | 301 Solutions

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5 Simple Ways to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error | 301 Solutions

5 Simple Ways to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error | 301 SolutionsSame as how a Power On Self Test (POST) will be scanning all the necessary hardwares and identifying issues related with it, the modern storage drives are embedded with a mechanism known as SMART. Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) will scan and monitor the health of the hard drive. If it encounters any issues related with the internal hard drive it will be displaying this error,

''SMART Hard Disk Error

The SMART hard disk check has detected has detected an imminent failure''

Irrespective of the operating system which you use it is common to experience the SMART Hard Disk Error. From this error message it is quite clear that there is a problem with the hard drive or the solid state drive and in the near future it is going to be dead. This can take place unexpectedly however it will prevent the process of booting. When this happens the user has to take immediate actions before crashing to prevent data losses. Through understanding the reasons and implementing various troubleshooting measurements you can prevent these types of errors in the future.

In this article, I will be listing and describing the 5 Simple Ways to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error | 301 Solutions. Finally from this post you will know know how to fix this error in popular computer models such as HP.

Let's get started,

1. Restore BIOS

Issues with the BIOS configurations can also be the reason behind the the SMART hard disk error. Over the time when you use your system and change BIOS settings, unknowingly there can be some misconfigurations carried out. In order to fix this either you have to reset or update the BIOS. 

To reset BIOS,

          1. Turn on the PC
          2. Press F10 key repeteadly
          3. Press F9 key in the BIOS setup screen
          4. Press F10 key to save and exit

2. Perform Hard reboot

A simple restart should be everyones first step to fix this error, however it doesn't necessarily sort out this issue. Hence, along with a simple restart there should be some additional measures that has to be taken. One such is the hard reboot. From a hard reboot the traces of current present on the motherboard will be discharged. 

To perform hard reboot,

          1. Shutdown the PC
          2. Remove all the additional components including the battery
          3. Long press the power button for 15-20 seconds
          4. Reassemble all the components
          5. Turn on the PC and start windows normally

3. Check the Hard drive

There are some situations where your computer can still boot even with the SMART hard disk error. In this instance you have to check your hard drive for physical damages. And also make sure that the connection between the hard drive and the motherboard is not loosened or there are any types of defects. 

Furthermore you need to be highly precocious when handing internal components because there is a possibility of electrical shocks and physical damages. If you are not experienced with the hardware components, consult a help from a professional.

4. Cool down the Hard drive

Sometimes ventilation problems can also be the reason behind the SMART hard disk error. For the normal functioning of the hard drive, proper ventilation needs to be maintained. If there are no sufficient ventilation the hard drive will exceed its maximum temperature. As a result you may receive this error as soon as you turn on the computer. For eliminating ventilation problems, make sure that the coolants are working properly and regularly clean the internal components.

5. Backup the Files

As you all know the SMART hard disk error is a clear warning that the hard drive is about to crash, no one ever knows when this can take place. Therefore, the very first step to take in this SMART hard disk error is to backup the important files. While this will not necessarily mean a troubleshooting measure this is an important step to consider. For this purpose there are many hard disk data recovery softwares available.


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