How to Fix A Disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

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How to Fix A Disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

How to Fix A disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restartMany errors that you encounter while using your computer comes with a specific error messages helping you to rectify the problem easily. However there are some errors those are not straightforward. Although the error messages are displayed that is just generic and does not pin point to the exact cause. One such is the,

''A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt +Del to restart''

This error message can be seen as soon as you boot the system. Even if you restart the computer it will be popping up again. Therefore, the users are left clueless on where to start. The only way to fix this is by attempting various troubleshooting steps. This could take some time, but the end result is guaranteed. 

In this article, I will be taking you through the ways on How to Fix A disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. This can be used for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Let's get started,

1. Test the Hard drive

Hard drives do have a specific lifespan. After this period there can be various problems such as bad boot sectors which makes them no more validate to be used. For this you have to repair the hard drive or simply replace them to fix the disk read error. But there can be consequences of data losses. 

One such way to tell if the hard drive is defective is by connecting it to another PC. If the hard drive works fine on other PCs then the actual problem can be with other components of the computer.

2. Check the Cables

Sometimes the issue may be not with the hard drive but the cables connecting it. In this instance you have to open the case and examine the SATA or IDE cable for any damages. The cables connecting the hard drive should not be loose or defective. If you happen to find one, consider replacing it with a spare. 

Moreover also remember to check the cable with different ports. Because the ports can be damaged as well. Furthermore if you have installed a new hard drive, ensure that the jumper is connected to the master slot instead of the cable. 

3. Remove USB Flash drives

Misconfigurations in the BIOS can cause the USB flash drives to be listed on the highest priority of the boot order. Due to this your system may try to boot from them causing this error. Therefore, ensure that you disconnect all of the USB flash drives off your computer to see whether the error pursuits. If the error still continues move onto the next step.

4. Reset the BIOS 

In some rare cases resetting the BIOS to its default settings can help you to sort out this error. Usually you can access the BIOS by pressing F2 or Del key. Afterwards there are options to reset. If you are unable to find such option, consider removing the CMOS battery for few minutes and reinserting it again. This should reset the BIOS back to the factory settings. 

And also outdated BIOS has known to be the cause of this error. Especially in the case of laptops. Therefore, updating the BIOS to a newer version has also roved effective.

5. Scan RAM memory

While this cannot guarantee the success of getting rid of this error, this has proved to be effective in some situations. Because a faulty RAM or its slots has found to be the cause of this error. Defective RAM alone causes various problems such as Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death, Application crash as well as Disk read error. That is the reason why it is recommended to perform a memory test frequently to identify issues with the RAM. In fact a RAM test is quite easy and does not cause any harm. 

In addition to that you can remove any additional RAM sticks to identify the defective one. While trying this make sure to test it with different slots.

6. Repair MBR

Apart from BIOS there are chances where MBR is also the reason behind this error. Master Boot Record (MBR) is a part of the hard drive which contains the master boot code, digital signature and the partition table. Hence, MBR is also involved in the process of booting. When there are any problems related to them it will cause error while booting. In this case you have to repair the MBR. 

You can do it either by using a third party software or from a windows installation disk. But since this procedure is bit complicated it is advisable to use the installation disk.

7. Restart the PC

Overheating has proved to be one of the reasons behind the disk read error. Hence, a simple procedure of cooling down the system will help you to get rid of this error effectively. Shutdown the PC or forcefully turn it off by long pressing the power key. Wait for few hours to let all the internal components cool down and then restart it to check whether the computer starts normally. If it works effectively, take immediate backups of your important files before experiencing the same problem again.

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