7 Ways to Fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt the system cannot boot in Windows

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7 Ways to Fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt the system cannot boot in Windows

7 Ways to Fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt the system cannot boot in WindowsWhen a PC is powered on, the BIOS selects the bootable hard drive, then in that particular hard drive it looks for the MBR code. This MBR code takes necessary steps to load BOOTMGR. 

BOOTMGR (Windows Boot Manager) is a kind of essential boot loader files which allows different operating systems to run on the same computer. Most likely when these files get corrupted, it will effect the process of booting. Which means that this error BOOTMGR image is corrupt is as a result of corrupt BOOTMGR files. However there are various methods available to sort out this error on your own.

In this article, I will be illustrating the 7 Ways to Fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt the system cannot boot in Windows. Finally you will be able to fix this in all the popular PC models. 

Let's get started,

1. Check the Boot Sequence

Most often this error occurs as a result of wrong disk listed first in boot order. This includes non-bootable optical drives such as external hard drives, floppy disk drives and USB drives. Therefore, always ensure to check the boot sequence in BIOS. If not move the hard drive to the top order. 

2. Perform Startup Repair

Startup repair is a free tool available for windows users for fixing common problems related to the operating system. This includes replacing corrupt BOOTMGR files. It necessarily scans the system for finding missing and damaged files. For this however you need a windows installation disk. 

3. Check the RAM

Sometimes the culprit of this issue may actually be the RAM. The RAM present on your computer may be defective causing this error. If you have more than one RAM installed, one of them may have gone bad. Hence, remove the RAM and clean the connection point with a soft cloth.

4. Check the Installation media

As mentioned earlier most often this error appears when installing new copy of windows. There it is recommended to check the installation media such as the DVD. The DVD used here may contain scratches preventing it from getting read. In some instances the problem may not actually be with the DVD, but with the DVD drive itself. If you suspect that the DVD drive might be defective, try again with an external DVD drive.

5. Check the CMOS battery

There are some cases where a dead CMOS battery may also cause the BOOTMGR image is corrupt error. The CMOS battery constantly tracks the BIOS configuration, date and time. There are few ways to say if te CMOS battery is actually dead. One of them is your computer failing to display the correct date and time. If the CMOS battery appears to be bad, try replacing it with a new one.

6. Reinstall Windows

Reinstall windows completely means that the current O/S which you are using will be completely removed and installed with a fresh copy. This will essentially replace all the corrupted files including that of BOOTMGR. However this can be time consuming. Because before re installation backup of important files has to be made to prevent data losses. 

7. Replace the Hard drive

If all of the above methods fail, then the problem can actually be with the hard drive. The hard drive could be dead preventing the process of booting. In this case you have to replace the hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows in it. However this can cause data losses. The only way to recover them from the defective drive is though the assistance from data recovery experts.


  1. Thank you very helpful, but I have a question about checking the cmos battery how exactly do I check it

  2. I had this issue this morning with my dell Optiplex 780... I solved it by re-sitting the RAM in its slot... thanks this was helpful


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