How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows

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How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows

There are 2 options available for theHow to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows
BIOS firmware. Those are the
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and the Legacy BIOS. Newest models of PC comes with the UEFI support since it contains many security features. However the BIOS is incorporated with the regular way of booting into the operating system known as the Legacy Boot.

The most common problem faced by the users when switching either of them is that sometimes the users are not been able to boot with the Legacy mode. This problem can be seen frequently when carrying out the windows installation though the USB drive. As a result the system might display the error message,


Although this error seems to be tougher to handle, with simple tweaks you can easily overcome this. In this article, we will see the solutions on How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media.

Let's get started,

1. Change BIOS Firmware

On mos computer models, the old default way of booting (the legacy boot) is enabled. Whenever you turn on the PC, the process of boot to find the bootable device will be done by the legacy boot. Sometimes the installation media inserted will be able to support only UEFI firmware. Therefore, you might need to come out of legacy and boot from the newest mode the UEFI.

For changing BIOS firmware,

          1. Power on the PC
          2. Press F2 to boot into the BIOS
          3. Navigate to the Boot tab
          4. Locate Legacy and UEFI
          5. Disable Legacy and enable UEFI

2. Convert MBR to GPT

When you initialize a disk you can choose either MBR or GPT partitions. If the operating system installed on your computer is through the UEFI firmware, then there will be no possibility to boot into the legacy mode since the drive is using the MBR partition. There you must take necessary steps to convert it into GPT. There are both built in tools and third party softwares available for doing it so. But the drive needs to be formatted.

To convert MBR to GPT,

          1. Power on the PC
          2. Press F11 key immediately
          3. Select Command Prompt
          4. Type the command ''diskpart'' and ''list disk''
          5. Press Enter for each of them (Remember the disk number)
          6. Type the command '' select disk 1'', ''clean'', ''convert mbr''
          7. Press Enter for each of them
          6. Restart the PC


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  3. I am not able to change the bios firmware please help me how can I change the setting


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