10 Signs of a Failing Motherboard | Motherboard Failure Symptoms

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10 Signs of a Failing Motherboard | Motherboard Failure Symptoms

10 Signs of a Failing Motherboard | Motherboard Failure SymptomsMotherboard is basically the circuit board of a computer where all other PC components are
embedded or placed in. Most
crucial parts of a computer are held together by the motherboard.
Hence, it is the base of the whole
computer, without the motherboard the PC will not simply operate.

Moreover motherboard is also one of the most expensive component in a computer. Having any type of issues in them means that you have to replace other components as well.
Therefore, expenses here are very much greater even than buying a brand new computer. And also troubleshooting problems in a motherboard is much more difficult than in other PC components. However if the motherboard happens to encounter issues, it will start showing up warning signs. With these signs you can determine if your motherboard is going bad so that you can avoid further problems.

In this article, I will be exploring about 10 Signs of a Failing Motherboard | Motherboard Failure Symptoms. At last from this post, you will be able to know whether your motherboard has a problem of becoming dead.

Let's get started,

1. Physical Damages

A failing motherboard most at times shows signs of physical damages especially the capacitors bloated out. When the motherboard starts overheating, the capacitors present on it will be enlarged than usual. This is more common in old motherboard models since they are prone to overheating. However a blown capacitor can be easily replaced but under some conditions. This requires precision soldering.

2. Computer Freezing

Computer freezing is another annoying symptom of a failing motherboard. This can happen all of a sudden when you are working with your computer. But not all the freezes and glitches can be pointed towards the motherboard, there can be software problems as well. However if the freezing happens to occur frequently there are more chances the issue is related to the motherboard.

4. Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death typically occurs when there are hardware problems. But there can be other variety of reasons too. For finding whether the BSOD is related to the motherboard, you can actually search the error code in google so that you can see if it relates with the motherboard. Even if after troubleshooting the error seems to reappear then the issue can be with the motherboard.

4. Slowdown in Performance

Another symptom of a failing motherboard is the slowdown in performance. If the motherboard becomes closer to death, it may experience a case of sluggishness. The programs that is used to run properly may load at a slower rate or your system may take too long to boot up. Either way it is pretty easy to recognize this sluggishness.

5. Hardwares Not Recognized

Motherboard failures can cause the hardwares connected to it to be non-recognized. Most of the peripherals attached to your PC such as the flash drive, mouse and the keyboard will not get recognized. Although the problem can lie on the hardware itself, it can actually be the symptom of a motherboard that is going bad.

6. PC Randomly Restarting

PC randomly restarting is one of the most commonly experienced signs of a failing motherboard. But there are chances where this can be as a result of a virus attack too. Therefore, before coming to the conclusion that this is a sign of a faulty motherboard, you should necessarily full scan your PC. Even after scanning if the issue persists, then possibly this is an indication of a failing motherboard.

7. Burning Odor

If you happen to notice a burning smell emitting from your PC, then you should immediately turn off the computer. This means that the motherboard inside the PC is already overheated to the maximum and should not be used anymore. Despite of this if you continue using the motherboard, it can effect other components as well. Usually this is caused when incompatible components are connected to the motherboard resulting in short circuits.

8. Appearance of BIOS Menu

BIOS Menu is the setup utility menu present on your computer. Usually it is accessed manually by configurations. But if it appears on its own during the startup process, it is an indication that there are problems with the motherboard. This happens when the motherboard has a problem of communicating with recently installed hardware components. Since the BIOS manages all the hardwares, it will show up once the computer tries to boot. And also remember that the appearance of BIOS menu doesn't always mean that the motherboard itself is faulty, other components can actually be the culprit.

9. Malfunctioning Applications

In-spite of motherboard failure if you still be able to pass the boot process, the applications running on your computer may start malfunctioning. This is because once the motherboard starts failing, its ability to manage hardware components will be restricted. Thus, applications running will experience constant slowdowns and lag times.

10. Beep Noises

Generally when a motherboard encounters failure it will indicate then through a pattern of beep codes. In case if you cannot boot your computer at all, listen for the pattern of beeps given by the PC. Most likely if the pattern is followed by 3,4, or 5 it is a sign of a failing motherboard (Beep patterns vary depending on different motherboard models). If the motherboard is already dead there will be no beep codes given at all.


  1. I used i7 10700k motherboard and it has no issue like that but before that i use core duo that create problem like that.

  2. system restarting can be caused by spmps failiure too...

  3. Have this problem of random restarts occurring right now. Pc can run the cpu at 100 percent load while transcoding video and play a 4k video file all day long no problem. But basic excel work, internet browsing, and such generate random restarts. Frustrating.

  4. i dunno if my motherboard is the issue or because i don't have gpu(using ryzen 3200g) cuz my pc always freezing when playing game

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