5 Signs of Failing Power Supply Unit | PSU Failure Symptoms

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5 Signs of Failing Power Supply Unit | PSU Failure Symptoms

5 Signs of Failing Power Supply Unit | PSU Failure SymptomsThe Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a
device which provides electricity to other PC components. Each
PSU has different levels of electricity output (ranging from 65watts -1000watts). The main role of it is to deliver the sufficient power the PC needs.

Similar to other PC components, your PSU is going to fail finally after a long run. Power supply issues are one such problem which is difficult to diagnose. Having a problem in the Power supply means that it can be the root cause of many other issues. However a failing Power supply unit most at times gives you telltale signs which helps you to know if the PSU goes wrong. Unfortunately many of those signs are related to other problems as well. But through experience you can easily diagnose and overcome PSU problems.

In this article, I will be concentrating on 5 Signs of Failing Power Supply Unit | PSU Failure Symptoms. Finally from this article, you will be able to know whether your Power supply unit has a problem of becoming dead.

Let's get started,

1. Computer not Turning On

Being the central source of computer's energy, having issues in the Power supply unit means that your PC probably fails to start. However computer booting problems doesn't always mean that the PSU encounters failure, there can be problems in other PC components as well. While this cannot help you to fix the issue, it is important to know that this can also be one of the reasons.

2. PC Restarts Suddenly

Your PC might suddenly restart during the boot process or when you are in the middle of using the computer. This is one of the sign of a failing Power supply unit. There are also chances where your PC might randomly restart when the system is under heavy load such as gaming. In this situation you have to be highly precautious since this can be due to the Power supply not being able to deliver the required Power output needed by the computer.

However this can also be as a result of a failing motherboard and a processor. Therefore, ensure that all those components are functioning properly before putting the blame on the PSU.

3. Blue Screen Of Death

There are possibilities where can be another signs of a failing PSU. Especially in the Windows based computers. The BSOD problem can also be triggered by other computer problems as well. For an example as a result of corrupted drivers. While so, if the BSOD happens to occur randomly it can be a symptom of a dying PSU.

4. Strange Noises

Another major symptom of a failing PSU is the strange noises given by them. Especially a grinding noise emitted from the place where the cord is located. This grinding noise means that the fans in the PSU has gone bad and will stop working anytime.

Once this happens there will be a temperature rise inside the PSU. This will cause severe damages to the other computer components as well.

5. Burning Smell

If the condition of the Power Supply is worsened to a very high extent, it will start to emit burning smell or even expel smoke. In this case the components inside the PSU has burnt and can no longer be used. Hence, the computer should not be used until the Power supply is replaced with a new one.


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