6 Signs of Graphics Card Failure | Symptoms of GPU Failure

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6 Signs of Graphics Card Failure | Symptoms of GPU Failure

6 Signs of Graphics Card Failure | Symptoms of GPU Failure
The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a piece of hardware that takes care of all the graphics
rendering processes in a computer.
It is an essential component for not only video games, but also for other professional 3D works as well. 
Although today's GPUs comes with advanced cooling components and features, graphics
cards without proper maintenance and cleaning often face failures.

Failures in Failures in the GPU can cause visual distortions making the computer unusable. Nevertheless most GPU manufacturers out there offer a lifespan of average 5 years. It is an absolute necessity for every user to know the warning signs before diagnosing and fixing them.

In this article, I will be illustrating about 6 Signs of Graphics Card Failure | Symptoms of GPU Failure. At last from this post, you will be able to identify whether your graphics card has a problem of becoming dead.

Let's get started,

1. Crashes

One of the most common signs of a GPU failure is the PC crashes. Your PC can crash all of a sudden when playing a video game or trying to play HD videos. When this happens most obviously there will be a blue screen with the message '' An error has occurred and Windows needs to restart ''.

Sometimes there will be no message at all, your PC could simply freeze. But do remember that not all the crashes are due to GPU failure.

2. Glitches

This problem when the graphics card becomes extremely busy with applications. Most often when you are watching a movie or playing games. All over the screen you may see weird shapes and colors. This is an indication that your GPU is failing.

Sometimes after a restart the problem may disappear. However if the problem lies within the GPU the error might appear back again.

3. Noises

Every GPU is embedded with an automatic functioning fan that necessarily cools it down. On default graphics cards generate more heat especially when it is under heavy load. Therefore, usually when you are performing intense tasks such as gaming you may notice your fans increasing its speed producing loud noises.

If this is continued for a prolonged period of time, the fans could wear out faster. This means that your GPU is going to die.

4. Black Screen

If the graphics card happens to fail completely, then there will be no video signal given to the monitor. As a result nothing will be displayed, only a black screen often with the message '' No Signal '' can be seen. In this type of event the card has gone too far to an extent that is not usable.

5. Artifacts

Similar to screen glitches, Strange Artifacts can show up if the Graphics card is on its last legs. All over the screen you may see weird lines, patterns and small colored dots. Usually this happens if the GPU is under heavy load, if the PC is on idle most probably you won't see them.

Moreover sometimes restarting the application can temporarily make the problem go away. If the problem lies within your graphics card you have to expect it to come back.

6. Stuttering

Stuttering is generally high drop in frame rate. It is usually experienced by the users when they are playing games. No matter how much you lower your graphics settings, you will not be able to run the game at decent frame rates.

But do remember that a faulty RAM or a Hard drive too can cause this issue. However if the stuttering takes place along with warning signs it is an indication that the graphics card has already gone bad.


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