6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Risks & Benefits of Laser Printer

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Risks & Benefits of Laser Printer

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Risks & Benefits of Laser Printer
What is Laser Printer ?

Laser Printer is a kind of electronic device that converts digital images into hard copies of papers. The working mechanism behind a laser printer is the same as that of a photocopier (Using the process of electrography). A beam of light creates images on a paper sheet. 

What are the types of Laser Printer ?
During earlier times, only black and white laser printers were available, but since the improvement of digitization the color printers came into use. Now laser printers are both available as colored and black and white. Depending on the type, toners must be purchased. Latest types of printers also scan, email and fax besides printing. 

Where is Laser Printer used ?
Laser printers are preferred in most of the workplaces since it is most suited for office use. Companies make use of printing more often. Al though laser printers are extremely fast and quiet, they aren't flawless. Each technological device has its own advantages and disadvantages, this is the same for laser printers too. Using the pros and cons, the users can decide whether laser printers will be working best for them.  

In this article, I will  be mentioning about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer | Risks & Benefits of Laser Printer. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using laser printers.
Let's get started,

Advantages of Laser Printer

1. Performance
Laser printers are designed for printing large volumes. They are able to print multiple pages without experiencing jams and other problems. In the future it is expected to see more performances while reduction in the price. 
2. Speed
The laser beam which the laser printer uses is known to move at very fast rate, thus making the printing process more faster. Compared to an inkjet or a dot matrix printer, laser printers are way faster. Especially if you need to print high volumes of paper, then laser printers will be the best option. Even the slowest versions of laser printers are able to print around 20 sheets of papers per minute. High speed in essence can lead to more productivity and efficiency as well.
3. Reliability
Even though laser printer is a mechanical device, they are more reliable and durable. Unlike ink cartridges, toners are free from drying out and evaporating. They are on default built to last. The toners can generally last for printing 1500-60,000 pages. If used with proper care, a laser printer can last for many years.
4. Overall Cost
Al though the initial cost of a laser printer is higher, a laser printer can print more papers for a cheaper price. Unlike inkjet printers, there is no ink cartridges used here. The laser printers use toners which can print more papers than a ink cartridge of the same price. 
5. Quality
In terms of sharpness and quality, there is nothing that can beat a laser printer. Especially texts can be seen more sharp and precise. This is mainly due to the usage of laser technology that use toners to get fused into the paper directly. Hence, it is completely free from smears and smudges.
6. Noise Emission
Most at times while in operations, a laser printer produce no noise. It is optimized in such a way that rarely emits noises. However unless it is a quiet room the noises are barely noticeable. While working this noises can be disturbing and distracting.

Disadvantages of Laser Printer

1. Implementation Cost
Laser printers involve high implementation costs. The average price of a laser printer is almost 3 times that of an inkjet printer. That is the reason why inkjet printers are more often preferred for home and personal use where there are lower levels of printing. Especially for those that of color printers since they comes with all in one functions.
2. Paper Options
Not all the types of papers can be utilized on a laser printer. There are specifically designed laser papers for this purpose. If any low quality papers are used, you will get into the risk of damaging your printer. And also heat sensitive medias are known to cause jams on a laser printer. 
3. Physical Size
Generally laser printers are much heavier and bulkier compared to an inkjet printer. They contain imaging drum and other delicate components that makes them larger. Therefore, this limits their portability making them discourages to carry around. 
4. Graphics Handling
Al though laser printers are able to produce simple color prints, they cannot handle high quality graphics images. This makes them not recommended for printing photographs and other complex graphics materials. The only preferred option here is the inkjet printer.
5. Power Consumption
Laser printers consumes high amount of power even when it is in idle. This is because the fuser element inside the printer can get hot releasing heat. Eventually your room may get very warm. That is the reason why laser printers are not preferred to use in hot and humid climate conditions. However latest models of laser printers comes with '' Power Saver '' mode that helps printer save some power. 
6. Health Issues
Toners which the laser printer uses is dangerous to humans. This toner contains powder particles that can be inhaled causing some health risks including respiratory diseases. Additionally, since high amount of voltages are required for the printers functioning, there are also ozone released constituting to ozone layer depletion.


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