7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Fax Machine

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Fax Machine

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Fax Machine
What is Fax Machine ?

Fax (also known as Telefax) is a type of communication device where written informations can be transmitted across other devices so that informations can be reproduced on a paper. 

What is the use of Fax Machine ?

It is especially used when there is no internet connection available. As long as both the places are equipped with a fax machine, there will be no problem in transmitting information. 

After the introduction of emails, telephones and other communication methods, the usage of fax has been drastically reduced. In fact before emails, fax was the only faster method of transmitting written information. Even though fax may seem to be a outdated version of communication, there are still many companies that uses fax technology. But that doesn't mean fax machines are entirely flawless. There are certain disadvantages of a fax communication that makes it old fashioned. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fax Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Fax Machine. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using fax technology.
Let's get started,

Advantages of Fax Machine

1. Cost
Faxes are inexpensive method of communication. Apart from the cost of telephone papers, ink and electricity there is no actual expenses involved. And also it doesn't include any monthly or annual subscription fee.
2. Speed
Unlike emails where it takes a lot of time if the file is large, using fax documents can be instantly sent to the recipient just in a matter of seconds.The messages can include the data of diagrams, sketches and drawings.
3. Reliability
Fax machines are completely malware free and they don't have any kind of programming errors. Therefore, as long as both the fax machines are switched on, there can be assurance that the documents will be delivered. Once the document is delivered to the recipient, the fax machine provides a receipt of delivery to the sender.
4. Installation
Installation of fax machines are really simple that doesn't require any special training. There is no complicated cabling process or various pieces of hardware needed for the setup. Only the fax machines needed to be connected to the telephone line and the wall socket. And then it will be ready to be used.
5. Security
Unlike computers and emails, fax machines have very less chances of getting hacked. Thus, both the sender and the receiver does not need to be worried about security. That is the reason why still many large organizations prefer to send legal documents through fax (i.e government, law and healthcare).
6. User Friendliness
Sending or receiving a document through fax machines are quite easy. Many people who used to work in offices knows to operate them. If you are not one of them, still it is easy and takes little amount of time to train. Only the user needs to insert the document, enter the recipient number and press the send button.
7. Legality
Fax machines allows the sender to transmit handwritten documents to the recipient, so that they will be having exact copies of it. As a result this kind of documents can be used in legal procedures including in the court.

Disadvantages of Fax Machine

1. Malfunctions
Similar to other technological devices, fax machines too fail after some time. In order for sending and receiving a fax, both of the machines should be functioning properly. If either of the machine fails, there is no way to transmit document unless the machines are repaired or replaced.
2. Maintenance
For the process of operations, fax machines require papers, inks, toners and others. These equipments can run out even without noticing. Therefore, users always needs to check and ensure that there are spare papers, inks and toners before they finishes off.
3. Quality
Fax transmission qualities are very low compared to a regular printer. The transmission quality that is sent is not always the same when it is received on the other end. The quality might be poor or even lost some details of the original.
4. Landline Connection
It is compulsory to have a landline phone number for operating a fax machine. They completely rely on landline numbers for transmitting fax documents. In case if the telephone system is down, then there will be problems operating the fax machine.
5. Multitasking
Fax machines doesn't support multitasking feature. Which means that they cannot send and receive faxes at the same time. Moreover, they don't have the capability to send multiple faxes simultaneously. For an example, if a fax document needs to sent to 20 recipients the process must be done individually.
6. Portability
Fax machines lacks on the side of portability. This is mainly due to their size and requirement of a landline connection. If you need to check a fax document immediately, there is no way unless you move near a fax machine. This can be even troubling if the fax machine needs to be moved to a new location. In here, it is compulsory to install a new landline socket.
7. Environment Friendliness
As we all know fax machines require papers for printing documents. Each of the document needs to be printed on a separate sheet of paper. Using papers essentially means that the machines are less environment friendly since lots of trees are cut down to produce papers.

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