5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising
Studies have shown that nearly 1/3 of all internet users are from YouTube. With these marketing potential, it is impossible to ignore YouTube in advertising. Similar to a google channel, it is possible in YouTube to organize an Adwords campaign. Or else you will be able to monetize your own YouTube account. 

If the business trying to promote their products find your videos relevant they can advertise them through your channel. If you have been using YouTube, at least once in your lifetime you could have come across a YouTube advertisement. Businesses especially smaller ones find it more convincing for them to run advertisements on platforms like YouTube instead of traditional commercials on televisions and radio. 

Same like google search console, you can set your keywords in YouTube video so that it can reach the right set of people. Viewers will be discovering your videos through home, search and suggestions. However there are some risks involved when it comes to YouTube advertising. These risks needs to be considered before advertising in this platform.

In this article, I will be examining about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of advertising in YouTube.

Let's gets started,

Advantages of YouTube Advertising

1. Cost

YouTube advertising works according to a PPC campaign. Meaning, the advertisers are needed to pay only if the visitor clicks the ad. This is considered to be extremely cost effective since the advertisers will not spend too much on PPC ads. The advertisers are entirely free on making a decision about how much they are going to pay for an ad. Additionally, there is no expenses in advertising space.

2. Time

Compared to other advertising platforms, the average time spent by a visitor in YouTube is usually higher. Due to this high session duration, there will be more chances for the visitors to get their attention driven towards ads. This rate is even higher when it comes to mobile devices. 

3. Reach 

From education, business to entertainment, YouTube has been used by plenty of people. For people it has become the default platform for watching videos. Globally YouTube has over 1.3 billion users. The users are expected to be increased in the upcoming years. Due of this great number, your advertisements will have greater potential of reaching its customers.

4. Targeting

Rather than showing the ads for general people, it is crucial for an advertiser to display their ads to the right kind of people. YouTube is equipped with targeting capabilities that is able to reach customers based on topics, keywords, category, placements and other demographics such as location, gender and age. In short, you are going to select the people who is going to view your ads.

5. Tracking

YouTube allows the users to track their video and ad performance. For an example, YouTube is equipped with a tool called Analytics that can be used to know about the viewers and their activities. Similarly, Google ads account can be used for tracking the ad performance. All the details related to costs, views and budget can be discovered through a google ads accounts. 

Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising

1. Control

YouTube advertising is entirely out of control. Users no longer has the right to select the videos that their ads will be playing before. Neither there is guarantee that the ads will be shown related to the videos. Sometimes the advertisements could be completely out of context to your brands.

2. Targeting

Although targeting has many positives for YouTube advertising, it on the other side has got negatives as well. Targeting in YouTube is not completely perfect. While you can choose the set of people who is going to view your ads, still it relies upon the categories the users select. If the category the user selected is different from the videos uploaded, then there will be difficulty in targeting for YouTube advertising.

3. Ad Bypass

The most popular type of YouTube advertisement that everyone comes across is displayed only for 5 seconds. After this period, the skip button will appear to the viewers so that they can bypass the ad. Since the time duration is very less, the advertisers should be able to promote their brand in less than 5 seconds. This entirely depends upon the marketing strategy of the advertisers. If the advertisers are capable enough, they can convert the viewers into customers during this short duration. 

Moreover, you can also afford to go for a 15-20 seconds unskippable ads. But this is normally not recommended since it could annoy your viewers.

4. Auctions

Always there is an auction involved for keywords in YouTube advertising. Which means that you have to bid against others for certain keywords. Depending on the keywords, the bidding can be costly. If other people bids more than you, your ads could go down below in search results.

5. Sales Conversion

Advertisements in YouTube suffer from very poor sales conversion rates. Most viewers who tends to watch YouTube videos simply skip advertisements. Data research has shown that nearly 65% of viewers skip commercials whenever they appear in a YouTube video. Even if the viewers manage to watch the entire commercial, there is assurance of a sales click.


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