7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook Advertising

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook Advertising
Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, many people started embracing it and soon it became the most popular social networking site. This giant online network has made entrepreneurs to look at its marketing potential and made them as an option for advertising. 

It is easy for the companies to extend its reach using Facebook advertising. Particularly, small businesses tends to use Facebook to promote their brand online and expand their service. It ultimately allows businesses to reach its potential customers. Facebook ads generally can be seen along with the like button. Once the ads are shown, the users can either close the ad or click to view more details about it. 

Whether you own a small or large business, Facebook could do wonders if implemented with correct strategies. However Facebook aren't flawless. Similar to other social networking site ads, Facebook ads also contains some risks. These risks needs to be understood first, if you want to implement advertising in this platform.

In this article, I will be covering about 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook Advertising. Through this post you will know the pros and cons of advertising in Facebook.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

1. Affordability

Facebook is considered to be one of the cost effective forms of advertising. The advertising costs are significantly lower compared to other advertising platforms. For an example, you can place ads for a cost of even £1 per day. It is especially ideal for those who are low on budget.

2. User Friendly

Usability is another feature of a Facebook ad. The user interface of Facebook makes it easy for the ad placement. Additionally, there are various tutorials and FAQs available for the users who wants to excel in this advertising area. Even if advertisers doesn't posses any marketing experience, Facebook ads could be used with ease.

3. Brand Strengthen

Facebook advertising is also one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness. Businesses can make people aware of their brand using social networks. When people are more confident about your brand, they will most likely purchase your products as well. As a result, when the customers come across two products from different brands, they probably will go with the popular brand.

4. Reach

Facebook is known to be the top most platform in terms of reach. It has got billions of active users, all that has the potential to become as your business customers. This number is expected to increase more in the future. Presenting ads in Facebook is similar to showing an ad banner in front of a huge crowd. The crowd is not just one set of people, it can be of young kids to old adults.

5. Tracking

The end results of Facebook ads are actually measurable. Facebook allows you to track the performance and progress of your ads by implementing a pixel. These conversion pixels needed to be installed manually so that they can track the actions of individual users across websites. Using these data, you can make adjustments to your ads accordingly so that it can bring better results.

6. Target

It is more important for an advertiser to target their exact customers instead of general public. The targeting capabilities of Facebook is far superior since it allows advertisers to select audience according to their interests and demographics. Facebook requires users to enter basic information such as location and date of birth when they create an account. Using these metrics for advertising could bring excellent results.

7. Blog Growth

If you own a blog or a website, Facebook can be used to boost traffic in them. Facebook advertising could expose your blog to massive audience all those who can visit your blog and instantly generate traffic. And also, through this form of advertising your visitors could gain more trust and confidence about your website.

Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising

1. Sales Conversion

Facebook on default is designed for connecting with friends. Their interface is not made up for a sales process. Hence, Facebook always suffers from low conversion rates when it comes to advertisements. Regardless of how well you set up your ads, many visitors simply skip advertisements in Facebook whenever they come across. This often leads to very poor CTR percentages.

2. Auctions

There is an auction involved when creating ads in Facebook. The advertisers have two options. They can either choose Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Click. For those people who bids higher, their ads will go higher in search results. In the contrast, for those who bid less will end up being lower on search results. As a result, their ads will be always less exposed to the viewers.

3. Competition

Due to immense popularity of Facebook, advertisers all around the world target to showcase their ads. Nowadays the competition has become so tight that it is very hard to find a company that doesn't advertise on Facebook. Whenever you launch a new ad, same type of ad can be seen with your competitor as well. Therefore, unless you are outstanding and creative with your ads, you cannot stand against your rivals. 

4. Maintenance

Maintaining a Facebook page as well as ads is considered to be a difficult task. It involves lots of time and energy. Maintaining in essence does not mean that reaching high proportion of followers. It requires frequent replying to their queries through comment sections. Moreover, it is not just about one single ad. For each and every ad, there must be effective efforts needed to be put up by the advertisers.

5. Hate Comments

Everything that is done on the social media is generalized for the public. This is the same for Facebook as well. If a customer encounters a bad experience with your products, they will be able to comment about it on your Facebook pages. These types of hate comments could seriously affect the trust people has on your business. The result of this could be often seen in the sales rate. Therefore, for managing those types of negative feedbacks, a proper social media expert should be hired.

6. Ad Blocks

Not every Facebook user seems to feel comfortable with the ads. Particularly, younger generations feel irritated with the advertisements. For avoiding advertisements, those people install ad blocks on their web browsers. No matter how well they fit into your demographics, your ads will no longer be displayed to them.

7. Invalid Clicks

Not all the clicks that comes from Facebook advertising is genuine. Some users create fake profiles so that they can click your ads repeatedly, even though they have no interest in your ads. This is simply done for their own personal gains. Illegal clicks doesn't necessarily always come from fake profiles. It can also be from non-human traffics such as bots and scrapers.


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