5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Virtual Machine

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Virtual Machine

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Virtual Machine

What is Virtual Machine ?

Virtual machines are a type of computer system in which operating systems are made to run. They function similar to a physical computer. However, it is equipped with its own set of virtual hardware resources. On default it runs on the background of windows and made to test & run applications. 

Where is Virtual Machines used ?

Besides operating system, they can also function on computer servers. Even there is a possibility of two or more VMs on the same machine. But their functionality remains separated from each other. Even though virtual machines offer many progressive advantages, it aren't flawless. It is important to take both pros and cons into consideration before implementing a virtual machine.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Machine | Drawbacks & Benefits of Virtual Machine. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of using virtual machines.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Virtual Machine

1. Security

Not all the applications available on the internet is genuine. Some of them could pose serious threats to the system. Virtual machines provide an option known as guest operating system which allows applications to run in guest mode. So whatever the damage that the application causes is only temporary.


A virtual machine includes virtual resources as well. Everything is virtualized including the hard disk drive. Thus, even if the even if the machine crashes there will be no problem to the host computer.

3. ISA Structure

Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) is an abstract which differentiates hardware and software. Always the ISA provided by the virtual machine is different from that of a physical computer. Hence, the tasks that are to be executed by the hardware are separated primarily. 

4. Multiple O/S

Every software on the virtual machines are virtually separated from the host computer. As a result, users will be able to run multiple operating system on a single computer all being isolated from each other. This overall leads to time management as well as cost savings for a company.

5. Malware identification

A separate sandbox  environment is provided by a virtual machine to test applications. This helps to identify malware before it infects a computer. And also, since a virtual machine does not have any direct contacts with the host computer, the malware will not cause much damage.

Disadvantages of Virtual Machine

1. Cost

Running a virtual machine with a cloud computing service is generally considered to be expensive. The upfront costs involved in a virtual machine makes it costly. And depending on the need this cost varies. If there is more need more investments needs to be done.

2. Performance

Even though the machines are virtualized in a virtual machine, it still relies on the resources from the host machine. A computer needs to be powerful enough to run several virtual machines on a single host computer. If its power is not sufficient enough, it will cause stability issues in the performance.

3. Efficiency

In terms of hardware accessibility a virtual machine is less efficient. It cannot access the hardware directly. And also its speed is not sufficient for most IT firms. This makes them use a system that is balanced between virtual and physical. 

4. Complexity

A virtual machine is a complex system. What makes it complex is the multiple local area networks it is equipped with. Therefore, in case of any failure it will be difficult to figure out where the fault has occurred. Especially for the people who are familiar with the structure and hardware of the virtual machine.

5. Infections

A weak host system can easily be affected by infections. This usually happens when there is bugs in the operating system. If two or more virtual machines are connected with each other, the infections would spread to others as well.


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