7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging | Drawbacks & Benefits of Blogging

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging | Drawbacks & Benefits of Blogging

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging | Drawbacks & Benefits of Blogging
What is Blogging ?

Blogging is a process where the bloggers publish blog posts through a blogging platform which will be shared all around the world. It is an industry which is under rapid increase. Even some people prefer blogging as their full time profession. Some does it as a hobby. 

How to do Blogging ?

Many people who does blogging find it interesting. For those who are interested in blogging, they can either do it with a blogging platform or through a company of content marketers. 

However due to their immense popularity, blogging is in high demand. It is not easy as it appear to be. Although blogging offers many benefits to the people, unfortunately it is with some drawbacks as well. Similar to their professions it is important to consider the pros and cons in blogging,

In this article, I will be mentioning about 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging | Drawbacks & Benefits of Blogging. Through this post, you will know the pros and cons of blogging.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Blogging

1. Learning

Bloggers are always learning about new things in blog posts. Only through proper knowledge, a blogger could write new posts. Whenever a blogger is ready publish a post, they are not only willing to educate others, they themselves are learning new things. Especially, the blogger is going to improve their knowledge in the niche they are desired.

2. Connectivity

Through blogging, bloggers can actually build relationships with the reader. Blogging helps to get stay connected with various readers from different parts of the world. People who they have not met in their real life. Some of them can also turn into a fan base by following the social media network. 

Most of the blogs allows readers to comment on blog posts through which they could interact with the publisher. The reader could either leave a feedback or ask a query both in which the publisher will be able to respond.

3. Flexibility

Blogging is a platform which is available 24/7. As a result, bloggers are able to access and publish posts anytime they wanted. Unlike other types of jobs, you can work at your own convenience in blogging. 

Thus, the choice of doing blogging as a part time or full time depends on the blogger. If you are in a work schedule, you can manage your time accordingly.

4. Writing Skills

Blogging allows users to write about anything they are interested in. As the blogger keeps on writing new posts, it will eventually improve their writing skills. Even to an extent that there can be hardly any grammatical errors. Besides writing through blogging, bloggers can actually improve their other skills in graphic designing and HTML.

5. Language Skills

Apart from English there are various other languages supported by a blogging platform. Blogging is a convenient way to learn a language which is different from your mother tongue. Continuously blogging through a specific language can make a blogger proficient in that language. 

Moreover, the bloggers will be able to collaborate with readers by speaking in a new language in the comments section.

6. Revenue

With a good quality blog, bloggers can easily make thousands of dollars. A successful blog overall brings good revenue. Even more revenue than a regular 9-5 job. The only thing that is required is patience. 

There are various ways a blogger can receive revenue from their blog. Monetization and Affiliate marketing are some of them. 

7. Job Opportunities

Businesses those are which of content marketing always look for employees to create new contents. So if your blog niche is related to their business, most they may find you for their employment. This chance is even more once the blog network expands. Since there are many businesses willing to recruit employees for their open job positions.

Disadvantages of Blogging

1. Social Interaction

Unlike a regular job, there is absolutely no social interaction in blogging. Most people who does blogging often feel a loneliness. There aren't any workplace or co-worker for them to interact. The bloggers need to solely work alone. Sometimes this could affect them mentally.

2. Consistency

The most difficult part of blogging is maintaining consistency. Blogging is not just posting one or two posts and stop doing it. To attract readers, bloggers must publish at least one post post per week. Any reader visiting your blog expects it to be updated. Inconsistency can also negatively impact on the search engine optimization. 

3. Workload

Blogging is not easy as it appears to be. In order to make a blog successful, there are plenty of hardwork which needs to be done from finding a suitable topic, planning and writing about it. Most at times the desired results cannot be seen until the hardworks are done in the long term. Many bloggers find it too hard to publish new posts.

4. Time Consumption

It takes considerable amount of time to plan and write a blog post. Only quality blog posts will be able to rank higher in search engine result pages. If you do not take time to create quality contents, the posts will end up being lower in SERPs. 

And also before publishing a blog post, there are other works which needs to be done. Some of them are graphics designing and proofreading. All these can consume more time.

5. Audience Reach

There are also instances where a blog post will not be receiving sufficient amount of traffic. No matter how quality the contents are, it will not be reaching the targeted audience. 

Using social media bloggers can gain views to some extent. Unfortunately, it is also restricted to the number of followers. Most at times, a search engine will be driving 90% of the traffic to a blog.

6. Spamming

People who does blogging comes across spams most often in the form of commenting. Some people literally use the comment section of your blog to distribute comments which is completely irrelevant to the post. 

For this purpose, they might use a special software which is able to distribute comments to several websites simultaneously. Therefore, bloggers must take time to identify and delete such comments.

7. Negative Comments

Not everyone on the internet is gentle. Once you started blogging, you need to handle haters as well. No matter how genuine and honest your content is, some people won't simply agree with your opinions. 

So if you are a person who gets offended easily, then surely such comments may abuse you. The only way to handle hateful comments is by simply deleting them.


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