6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer for Students | Limitations & Benefits of Computer for Students

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer for Students | Limitations & Benefits of Computer for Students

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer for Students | Limitations & Benefits of Computer for Students
Computer is an invention that is made to make work easy. With the introduction of computers, education has advanced to a new dimension. We cannot deny that computer provides lots of benefits to the students. While computer can be used for the purpose of education, similarly it is a popular form of entertainment too. 

Although computers provide countless benefits, if misused it can have negative effects on students. If the advantages and disadvantages are rightly understood, students could minimize negative consequences to a greater extent. 

In this article, I will be exploring about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer for Students | Limitations & Benefits of Computer for Students. At the end of this post, students will know the pros and cons of using computers.

Let's get started,

Advantages of Computer for Students

1. Information 

A computer which is connected to an internet provides infinite amount of information. Whether it can be research, assignment or exam preparation, every information regarding the subject is presented near your finger tips. Whenever they needed, students can access the information and store it inside the computer so that they can refer them in the future.

2. Efficiency

By using a computer students learn new things of education that cannot be taught in schools and collages. The computer provides instant processing of information which is very important for learning. 

As a part of education, all the assignments and presentations can be completed within given time. Thus, undoubtedly computers provide increased efficiency to students in every aspect.

3. Convenience

Computers also provide convenience to students in many ways. Whether it can be for communication, information access or data storage, there is nothing that can beat a computer. This is the reason why many schools and collages are improvising their teaching styles with the help of computers. 

In fact it is not possible for the educational institutes to conduct online classes without the use of computer. 

4. Communication

Regardless of the distance, computers with the help of internet can make easier the communication. Especially, for the families who are isolated from their families, computers are a great way to get in touch. In fact communication can be made in between parents and teachers so that they will know how their child is performing academically. 

5. Visualization

Computers offer audio and visual aids that none of the books can provide. Some of the concepts taught in schools and collages are hard to visualize. Therefore, students might have problems grasping the concept. But with the use of computers, the exact concept can be visually represented in the form of pictures. Thus, even advanced concepts can be easily taught by using a computer.

6. Career Guidance

Along with studies, computers allow students to master variety of skills which can be beneficial for their future. Some of the job positions require extensive computer skills. For an example, by becoming proficient in Microsoft office package, students will be able to find a job that needs Microsoft office experience as a part of their qualifications.

Disadvantages of Computer for Students

1. Affordability

Not every student will be able to afford for a computer. Some of the families feel computers to be too expensive for them to purchase. Due to this, students are unable to attend online classes without a computer. 

Even some schools face problems in purchasing computers for their lab. Thus, price is also a limiting factor which stops students from the use of computers.

2. Addiction

Apart from studies, computers comes with so many options all which can make a student addictive. Some of the are social media and games. While studying, students could end up being distracted and waste their valuable time. Even during studies, students will have problems in concentration. This could definitely bring an impact on students education.

3. Misuse

In some instances, students could misuse their computers skills for wrong purposes. For an example, students can be using the computer to cheat during an online exam or download pre-written articles for their school or collage assignments. Even some students go to an extent of hacking. All these can lower a students academic performance.

4. Socialize

Computers are not an ideal option when it comes to social interaction. There is a difference between real collaboration and interacting and interacting with someone over computer. 

Interacting through a computer cannot convey a person's emotional feelings and thoughts. Therefore, students must be always encouraged with real world social interaction so they could build better relationships.

5. Laziness

Although computers are great tool to minimize manual efforts, the same machine could promote laziness. There are times when students would simply copy and paste articles from the internet or always store digital notes instead of writing it down manually. 

Overtime this can impact on their language skills. No matter how skill the students are when using a computer, still they need to face written examinations.

6. Health Concerns

Heavy usage of computer for a long period can contribute to many physical health problems. Some of the symptoms include, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and eye pain. 

And also, some students are reporting mental stress as a result of using computer for a long time. Eventually, due to this health concerns students will have problems concentrating in studies.

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