Fix A Component Of The Operating System Has Expired

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Fix A Component Of The Operating System Has Expired

Fix A Component Of The Operating System Has Expired
Windows operating system contains builds that normally contains an expiry date. After this period, the build usually stops working. As a result the error message,

'' A component of the operating system has expired ''

What it means is that the build cannot be installed anymore. Besides that, the builds could face issues while testing or if it is unfinished. 

Furthermore, this error could come in various forms. Most often, this issue is triggered if there is any unwanted changes. Whatever it is, the error can be fixed with right steps. Similar to other error messages, this too got a solution. 

In this article, I will be exploring about the Fix A Component Of The Operating System Has Expired. To effectively fix this error, try the below mentioned solutions one by one.

Let's get started,

1. Change Date

Incorrect data and time are the most common reason for getting a component of the operating system has expired error. So to simply fix this try changing the date. You can easily change date and time from the control panel. If you cannot access the system, date could be changed even from the BIOS. Detailed instructions on changing date and time is available from the motherboard manuals.

2. Update Windows

One of the permanent solutions to fix a component of the operating system has expired error is to download and install missing updates. Most at times, windows automatically downloads required updates. Due to some reason, the updates might go missing. If that is the case, you need to manually check for updates.

3. Remove CMOS Battery

The CMOS battery battery present on your motherboard can also be the reason for this error. If the battery starts to malfunction, the date will be changing. Even if you restart the PC, the error will appear again. If the date changes whenever you restart the computer, that means that the CMOS battery is faulty. In this case, you need to simply replace the CMOS battery.

4. Reinstall Build

Microsoft constantly releases latest builds which is not expired officially. If you suspect the build that you are using to be expired, you can download them from the Microsoft website. Despite after reinstalling build the problem continues, you can revert your system to an older build.

5. Reset Windows

If still the problem persists, then you are left with no other option bur to reset windows. Similar to clean installation, this process too can delete important files. Therefore, make sure to keep a backup of them. Moreover, recent versions of windows 10 comes with steps to reset operating system without sacrificing any files.

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