10 Ways to Fix Video TDR Failure in Windows

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10 Ways to Fix Video TDR Failure in Windows

10 Ways to Fix Video TDR Failure in Windows
'' VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE '' is a blue screen error which occurs if the graphics card encounters an
unrecoverable failure. The error name may slightly differ according to the graphics card brand. 

Most often this error occurs when you try to do something related to graphics. For an example, playing graphics intensive games and prolonged video editing. 

Following this error the computer normally restarts but the issue still remains. Since there is more than one reason for Video TDR failure to occur, there exists several possible fixes. Although the error makes you unable to access the files, it is easier to troubleshoot. 

In this article, let's look at the 10 Ways to Fix Video TDR Failure in Windows. You can try these methods successfully if you can access the system. Otherwise you need to use safe mode.

Let's get started,

1. Check GPU

All the below mentioned solutions do not work if your graphics card is already dead. Under this condition, you need to remove the GPU and turn on your computer normally. If the computer starts without any error it means the GPU is faulty. Additionally, you can also test your graphics card by connecting it to a working system. In any means, if a hardware fault is identified it is best to get it replaced.

2. Perform Startup Repair

In some instances, programs those are used to load when the computer starts can prevent windows from starting correctly. Thus, the error Video TDR failure can appear as soon as you boot into windows. The startup repair tool can be used to identify the root cause of this issue.

To perform Startup Repair,
  1. Insert the installation media
  2. Restart the PC
  3. Boot from the installation media
  4. Choose your language
  5. Select '' Troubleshoot ''
  6. Select '' Automatic Repair ''

3. Perform SFC Scan

Apart from hardware problems, a corrupted system file can also trigger Video TDR failure. For fixing the damaged system files, windows comes with a feature known as System File Checker. You can perform SFC scan to identify corrupted system files and replace them with working ones.

To perform SFC scan,

  1. Insert one of the installation media.
  2. Boot from them.
  3. Open Command Prompt by pressing Shift+F10.
  4. Type the command SFC/Scannow and Press Enter.

4. Update Graphics Card Drivers

The error can be as a result of an outdated video card drivers. An outdated driver can give rise to many issues including BSOD errors. Many users have reported to fix Video TDR failure just by updating drivers. For updating the display drivers, you can either use manual or automatic driver update. If you don't have knowledge to do it manually, you can always use device manager to update it automatically.

5. Clean Computer

Poor ventilation can often lead to Video TDR failure and other problems. Accumulation of dust and debris can cause system overheating which has the potential to affect system performance significantly. Besides that it could affect the hardware components. Therefore, it is advisable to clean computer components frequently. Particularly, pay attention to CPU fans, Chassis fans, Power Supply Unit and GPU.

6. Change Power Settings

Usually the power management settings in a computer are well optimized. There is also a possibility that the power settings are altered in a way that they are set to high performance. Due to this the way in which the PC handles graphics are also changed. Therefore, it is recommended to disable power management settings to overcome Video TDR failure.

7. Disable Overclocking

Obviously, overclocking using a software tool can contribute to Video TDR failure error. Users overclock their GPU to achieve their desired gaming performance. If the computer cannot effectively eliminate this extra heat produced, it can show blue screen messages related to the graphics card. In this case, you need to roll back all overclocked settings to factory defaults.

8. Check Overheating

Overheating can be the main culprit behind this error. This is most likely to happen due to dust and debris accumulation. Therefore, you must make sure that your system is well ventilated and free of dust particles. Open the case and physically clean the components where dust accumulates more frequently. Most importantly, clean the exhaust fans carefully and be sure to avoid damages.

9. Disable Graphics

Some of the computers might be equipped with both integrated graphics and dedicated graphics. If one of them fails, it could also trigger Video TDR failure. So you need to simply disable to driver for one of the cards, prefer to use the other one.

10. Reset BIOS

Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is a firmware which contains customized settings for operating system, programs and hardware. Due to actions such as overclocking, you might have altered the BIOS settings that could cause BSOD errors like Video TDR failure. Thus, you can get rid of this error by factory resetting BIOS to defaults.

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