Fix Internal Hard disk drive Not Found | To Resolve This Issue Try to Reseat the Drive

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Fix Internal Hard disk drive Not Found | To Resolve This Issue Try to Reseat the Drive

Fix Internal Hard disk drive Not Found | To Resolve This Issue Try Reseat the Drive
Most Dell laptop users have reported to experience an error known as '' Internal hard disk drive not found ''. There also exists possibility of the error to show up in HP, Samsung and Lenovo model laptops too. What this error means is that the system was unable to find the internal hard drive where the operating system is stored. 

Whether it is a new or an old hard drive, this error has the potential to be shown in both. There can be more than one reason why your hard drive fails to get detected. Although this matter looks serious, the error comes with reliable solutions which helps to fix them by yourself. Hence, you can potentially save your files and continue using the system.

In this article, I will be concentrating on Fixing Internal Hard disk drive Not Found | To Resolve This Issue Try to Reseat the Drive. The error can be easily fixed through the solutions given below.

Let's get started,

1. Check Hard drive

Even though hard drives are manufactured to withstand heavy use, still they are prone to damages. Since they are with delicate physical components they are likely to fail after a certain period. One indication that your hard drive fails is the clicking noises. Under this condition, you should check it with another computer to see if it works fine. If it doesn't you must replace the faulty drive with a new one.

2. Check Connections

Another possible reason for this error might be because of a bad connection. Most often this happens if the cables connecting the hard drive breaks or the cables are loosely connected. For this you can try reconnecting the cables from both ends. If that doesn't work, the recommended solution would be to replace it. 

And also, there is a possibility that the actual problem lies on the ports. So make sure to try using different ports before coming to a conclusion that the SATA cables might be faulty.

3. Check BIOS

Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is a firmware which manages the status of hardware devices. If the hard drive fails to get detected in BIOS, it is most likely that they are disabled. So it a must to check if the hard drive is detected in BIOS and take actions to enable them. In the contrary if the hard drive appears and still the error shows up, it is an indication that there is a problem in windows. 

4. Perform Hard Reset

In some instances a hard reset alone can solve the internal hard drive not detected problem. Through a hard reset the connections present in between the BIOS and the hard drive is reestablished back to normal. This is done by clearing the temporary stored memory.

To perform hard reset,

          1. Shutdown the PC
          2. Remove all the additional components including the battery
          3. Long press the power button for 15-20 seconds
          4. Reassemble all the components
          5. Turn on the PC and start windows normally

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