Fix Non System Disk | Replace and Strike Any Key When Ready

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Fix Non System Disk | Replace and Strike Any Key When Ready

Fix Non System Disk | Replace and Strike Any Key When Ready
'' Non-System Disk error or Disk Error '' is a boot screen error which appears if your BIOS is unable to find a bootable media. Most users have reported to experience this error while using the system. And because this is a boot screen error, this can also occur right when you start the computer. 

Now the problem this error brings is that it does not go away when you restart the system. No matter how many times you restart, you will be presented with the same error. This error may seem to be complex to solve since it does not allow system access. But still there are possible solutions to resolve this error effectively. 

In this article, I will be demonstrating about Fixing Non System Disk | Replace and Strike Any Key When Ready. This post discusses all the possible ways to get rid of this error.

Let's get started,

1. Check Hard drive

Similar to many other boot problems, this error non-system disk can be caused by a bad hard drive. If you have recently removed the system then there are chances that the hard drive is not properly connected. Therefore, you need to check if the hard drive is not with loose connections and faults. One best way is to reconnect the hard drive.

2. Check Connections

A physical cable known as SATA/IDE connects your hard drive to the computer. If the cables get damaged, the hard drive will have problem communicating with the computer. 

Besides that, a loose SATA cable will create problem in hard drive detection. In this case, you need to check the SATA cable for damages and proper connections. And then restart the computer.

3. Change Boot Sequence

Non-System disk and many other errors can arise if the device selected in the boot order does not contain an operating system. There is also a possibility of boot sequence alteration if the windows has been recently installed. Especially, if the hard drive isn't the first listed device in the boot order. By entering BIOS you can easily check if the hard drive is listed at the top of the boot order.

For changing boot order,

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Press the relevant key to enter Setup.
  3. Navigate to the boot tab.
  4. Find the original partition and change the boot mode according to it.
  5. Press Exit and Save changes.

4. Rebuild MBR

Damages to the Master Boot Record (MBR) can also be the reason behind this error. One possible reason is the virus infections. If your hard drive happens to get infected with malware, the MBR will most probably the targeted host. Thus, you need to fix them by using a windows installation media.

To Rebuild MBR,

  1. Insert the installation media
  2. Restart the PC
  3. Boot from the installation media
  4. Choose your language
  5. Press Shift + F10
  6. Type the commands (Press Enter after each command)
                    bootrec.exe /Rebuildbcd
                    bootrec.exe /Fixmbr
                    bootrec.exe /Fixboot

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