7 Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDOMAIN in Windows

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7 Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDOMAIN in Windows

7 Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDOMAIN in Windows
Domain Name System (DNS) is an important part of web operation which intends to
translate IP addresses. When you search in a web address the particular IP address is matched with the DNS server. This is called as DNS name resolution. If the DNS fails to provide relevant information the error message, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is displayed. 

The error message may slightly differ depending on the browser.  But the message remains the same. The users are restricted to the searched web address. If you are a web user there is a chance for you to encounter this error at least once in a life time. Despite all of these, these types of error messages are very flexible when it comes to troubleshooting. There are generic steps to troubleshoot this error.

In this article, I will be listing about 7 Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished NXDOMAIN in Windows. Since the error is caused by different reasons, it comes with multiple solutions.

Let's get started,

1. Check DNS

If the specific domain your computer uses encounters any failure, you can experience this error. This mainly happens if the DNS settings fails to cache correctly. Therefore, if you have recently changed the hosting provider check if the DNS settings are entered correctly and it is getting accessed. You must ensure that the DNS settings are properly configured.

2. Enable OpenDNS

The DNS server the computer uses is usually provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once it undergoes failure, the users have the option to change them. 

Most popular choices for the DNS are the OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. Both of them are considered to be highly reliable DNS services. Therefore, switching either of them can immediately resolve this error. 

To enable OpenDNS,
  1. Go to Start 
  2. Type '' network connections ''
  3. Right click on the results and Select '' Properties ''
  4. Select '' Local Area Connection ''
  5. Press '' Properties ''
  6. Choose '' Use the following DNS server address ''
  7. Type - for the preferred DNS server 
  8. Type - for the alternate DNS server
  9. Check '' Validate Settings upon exit ''
  10. Press Ok

3. Renew IP address

A misconfigured IP address can also result in this error. Particularly, if the IP address mismatches with the current DNS server. One way to fix this is by renewing your IP address. This presents your PC with new IP address.

To renew DNS,
  1. Go to Start
  2. Type '' cmd '' 
  3. Right click on the results and select '' Run as Administrator ''
  4. Type the command,
                                  '' ipconfig /renew ''

4. Reset Browser

If you have recently made any changes to your browser it could be the reason for this error. This is especially true if the browser is added with new extensions. By resetting the browser settings, you are reverting all the misconfigurations back to its defaults. 

To clear DNS cache,
  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Click the address bar and type,
                                 '' Chrome://flags ''
     3. Press '' Reset all ''

5. Remove Extensions

Problematic extensions in the browser can also be the reason behind DNS probe finished nxdomain error. Most often if the extensions are related to the proxy and security. So the best way to identify the faulty extension is by removing them individually. Then restart the browser after each to see if the problem goes away. 

6. Check Local Host Files

Local host files are the place in the computer where the translation of domain names into IP addresses takes place. All the domains for the relevant IP addresses are present here. 

If the domains are mistakenly added in these files it will create problems accessing websites. Therefore, you must identify if the domains are already listed in these host files. If it is recorded, remove the website from the list.

7. Disable System Protections

Sometimes the system protections softwares like Antivirus and Firewall can be the reason for this error. Antivirus programs and Firewall solutions can interfere with other programs installed on your computer. As well as they can block some of the websites by mistake. 

For this, try disabling both of them temporarily to see if the site loads normally. However, before attempting this make sure that the site you are visiting is 100% secure.

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