5 Ways to Fix Status Invalid Image Hash in Windows

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5 Ways to Fix Status Invalid Image Hash in Windows

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STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH is a web browser error which occurs when an executable image hash gets invalid. It certainly prevents your computer applications from launching. Most often video games are affected by this error. 

According to users, even reinstallation of the browser did not help in resolving this error. Al though this error is commonly reported by Google Chrome and Edge browser users, it might pop up in other browsers too. No matter how complex it appears, this is an issue which can be rectified even by a person without technical knowledge. 

In this article, I will be exploring about 5 Ways to Fix Status Invalid Image Hash in Windows. Follow all the given steps, at least one should work in resolving this issue.

Let's get started,

1. Update Drivers

Outdated drivers can be the reason behind status invalid image hash error. Especially, if the driver is related to the specific application. Therefore, ensure that all of the devices are updated with proper drivers. Drivers for each components is available from the device manufacturer's site. If that seems to be time consuming, the drivers can be updated without hassle using third party tools.

2. Remove Extensions

In some instances, the extensions on your browser may be the reason for this error. This is because some extensions can interfere with the functioning of browsers. If you have more than one extension installed it can be difficult to identify the faulty one. One best way to figure out is by disabling the extensions individually and then restarting the browser.

3. Clear Cache

Each time when you browse the web, your browser stores cache as temporary files to enhance user experience. If there is too many of these caches it can interfere with other tabs. Thus, leading to status invalid image hash error. The only solution here is clear the cache immediately.

4. Check Antivirus

When your computer has Antivirus programs it block certain application which give rise to many errors. One such is status invalid image hash. Under this situation, you must make sure that the application you are trying to run isn't blocked by any Antivirus programs. These details are readily available in the Antivirus software under the exclusion list. 

Or else, you can disable the Antivirus software and related features temporarily. If that works in solving the issue move to other Antivirus programs.

5. Reinstall Application

Sometimes the issue might not lie in the chrome browser but the application itself. May be the application is corrupted or not downloaded properly. In this case, there is nothing that can be done except to reinstall the application. 

Even if you uninstall there is chance for you to encounter the same error due to left overs. Hence, in addition to uninstalling the application make sure that all of the registry entries and files are completely removed.

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